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Intelligent Contract Ingestion

Shave hours off contract set up and shift your focus to risk management.  

With Intelligent Contract Ingestion, powered by our platform’s OCR/AI/ML-driven document parsing and ingestion capabilities, clients can upload standard contract award or solicitation documents, which are intelligently parsed, extracted, and presented for the Contracts team to review and create contract records. This shaves hours off contract set-up activities and frees up contracts professionals working for GovCon, aerospace and defense, and other types of federal contractors to focus on managing risk and compliance, rather than administrative tasks. Get Data Sheet

Key Capabilities

Automated Contract Creation

Automate the contract record creation process through a combination of state-of-the-art OCR technology and TechnoMile’s AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) platform, which machine reads standard contract award or solicitation documents (such as SF-33 and SF-1449 forms) and presents the extracted data for users to review. This eliminates hours of manual data entry associated with each new award, improves your data’s integrity, and allows your contracts professionals to focus on managing risk and compliance, rather than administrative tasks.

Wizard-Driven Data Validation

Use an intuitive, wizard-driven process to efficiently review machine-extracted data – including related CLINs/SLINs, ACRNs, and clauses – streamlining the validation and refinement of contract details, which saves your team significant time and helps ensure accuracy.  

Efficient Clause Comparison

The system intelligently compares all extracted clauses against your platform’s clause library. Your team can then quickly review any discrepancies relative to your clause library and designate the correct clause version to use. This enables efficient comparison of changes to clause language and allows contracts professionals to proactively identify changes in terms that could heighten your company’s business risk. Any clauses that are unmatched or partially matched with your clause library can be captured separately for further review by your legal team.

Streamlined Management of Contract Obligations & Deliverables

Intelligent Contract Ingestion can also be used to automate obligation scheduling and management. Deliverables, CDRLs, and other obligations can be machine-extracted from standard documents and, when presented for validation, your contracts professional has the option to create a corresponding deliverable or task. This streamlines the capture of all obligations embedded within a contract, strengthening your team’s ability to maintain compliance throughout the contract lifecycle.

Bring Greater Efficiency to CPARS Response Management

Using Intelligent Contract Ingestion, your company can automate the capture of CPARS evaluations within TechnoMile CLM, speeding this process. Companies can track CPARS evaluations, route them internally to efficiently gather feedback and substantiating documentation to shape responses, capture related adjudications, as well as leverage this past performance data to better inform future pursuits.

Rapid Contract Record Updates

Companies that use TechnoMile’s integrated Growth Suite to manage their pursuit of contracts can convert a Closed-Won opportunity to create a baseline contract record. Then, upon receipt of the contract award document, Intelligent Contract Ingestion can be used to rapidly update the baseline contract record with the latest information. Contract details – including CLINs/SLINs, ACRNs, and clauses – can be extracted and presented for review, speeding the creation of a comprehensive new contract record.

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