Contracts Suite

Streamline and de-risk the contract lifecycle with AI-enabled Contracts solutions that are purpose-built for managing the complexities of doing business with the government.

TechnoMile Contracts Suite

A centralized place to track all of your contracts and bolster your company’s ability to manage compliance and risk. Watch the video

Contract Lifecycle Management

Streamline and automate management of both government and commercial contracts on a single, secure cloud platform and eliminate hidden contract risk.

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Intelligent Contract Ingestion

Leverage AI-powered extraction of contract data to shave hours off contract set-up, ease administrative burden, and strengthen management of compliance and obligations.

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Agreement Management

Simplify the creation of commercial agreements – such as NDAs, TAs, and subcontracts – and accelerate agreement review and negotiation cycles.

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Bolster your ability to manage compliance and risk.

TechnoMile’s Contracts Suite is purpose-built to help GovCon, aerospace and defense, and other types of federal contractors address the complex requirements of doing business with the government. Our Contracts Suite provides a comprehensive solution for managing the entire contract lifecycle for prime contracts, subcontracts, and commercial transactions, resulting in more efficient, cost-effective contract administration and improved delivery to customers. Get AI-powered automation that streamlines contract management, enhanced visibility and decision support that allows your organization to more effectively manage risk and compliance, as well as actionable intelligence regarding the people, processes, and tools that correlate to greater contract profitability. Watch the video

Centralize and automate contract management and eliminate hidden risk with CLM for government contractors.

TechnoMile Contract Lifecycle Management centralizes all contracts – both with the government and commercial agreements – on a single platform that automates and simplifies management of critical details – such as tracking of clauses, changes to available funding based on CLINs and SLINs, modifications, subcontracts, deliverables, and other obligations – allowing clients to keep up with reporting requirements, respond to data calls, and demonstrate compliance to auditors with ease and accuracy, while providing leaders and decision makers with clear visibility into the risk inherent in contracts.

Leverage AI-powered data extraction to ease administrative burden and strengthen compliance and obligation management.

With Intelligent Contract Ingestion, powered by our platform’s AI-driven data extraction capabilities, clients can upload standard contract award or solicitation documents and our pre-trained data models intelligently extract industry-specific data and present it for the Contracts team to review, automating the creation of detailed contract records and tracking of deliverables and other obligations. This shaves hours off contract set-up activities and streamlines obligation management, strengthening your team’s ability to maintain compliance throughout the contract lifecycle.

Simplify creation of commercial agreements and manage sell-side and buy-side obligations on one platform.

TechnoMile Agreement Management simplifies creation of commercial agreements – such as NDAs, TAs, and subcontracts – and accelerates agreement review and negotiation cycles to streamline your onboarding of teaming partners as well as the establishment of other commercial contracts. Managing both sell-side and buy-side obligations on a single platform enables more effective management of risk and compliance as you establish partner, subcontractor, and supplier agreements and seamlessly flow down clauses.

Tightly connect pre- and post-award processes.

With TechnoMile’s integrated Growth Suite, clients can manage both pre- and post-award activities on a single, cloud-based platform. Tightly connecting these workflows enables smooth, efficient handoffs as solicitations convert seamlessly to awards, and allows clients to gain a data-driven understanding of contract past performance to inform smart future opportunity pursuits and more effective management of risk and compliance.

Get a solution that can scale and grow with your business.

Regular product releases provide you with a steady stream of innovative product enhancements as market needs and technologies advance, helping to future-proof your TechnoMile investment. In addition, our solutions are built on highly flexible platform technology that enables easy configuration and the ability to extend our solutions with low-code/no-code development. This makes it easy to make changes in-house and gives clients the ability to adapt their solution on their own to support emerging business needs.

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