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Agreement Management

Streamline and accelerate agreement review and negotiation cycles.  

TechnoMile Agreement Management simplifies the creation of commercial agreements – such as NDAs, TAs, and subcontracts – and accelerates agreement review and negotiation cycles to streamline your onboarding of teaming partners, as well as the establishment of commercial contracts. Managing both sell-side and buy-side obligations on a single platform enables GovCon, aerospace and defense, and other types of federal contractors to more effectively manage risk and compliance as you establish partner, subcontractor, and supplier agreements and seamlessly flow down clauses. Get Data Sheet

Key Capabilities

Automated Document Creation

Efficiently generate new agreements. A wizard drives you through agreement creation, auto-populating data from your TechnoMile Growth or Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution into your agreement template, eliminating manual data entry, ensuring accuracy, and improving efficiency.

On- or Offline Redlining

Internal and external reviewers receive an email notification to review the agreement and can redline it, with all versions captured in your document repository.

Dynamic Approval Workflows

Designate internal and external contacts who must participate in an agreement’s review, negotiation, and approval processes, as well as required signatories. The agreement is then digitally routed based on your defined workflows that we configure. Approval workflows can be configured to dynamically add users based on the data populated within the agreement, providing flexibility without compromising on compliance.

Digital Signatures

Agreements are digitally signed via seamless integration with leading e-signature providers, such as DocuSign, enabling fast, easy, auditable execution of agreements. Leverage the provider’s standard or enhanced signer verification methods (e.g., MFA, certificate-based) to support your required level of security.

Visibility into Agreement Status

Get real-time visibility into the status of any agreement (e.g., internal review, external review, submitted for e-signature, e-signature complete, etc.), allowing you to easily understand its progress through your end-to-end creation, review, negotiation, and execution process.

Document Repository Integration

Tight integration with your document repository ensures that once an agreement is generated, it’s automatically added to the appropriate folder, saving you time. Throughout the review and redlining process, all versions continue to be captured, and, once executed, the final, digitally-signed document is automatically added to your document repository.

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