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Contract Lifecycle Management

Automate contract management and bolster your ability to manage compliance and risk with CLM for government contractors.  

With TechnoMile Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), clients can centrally track all contracts – both those with the government and commercial agreements – on a single, secure cloud platform that facilitates easy collaboration and information-sharing across teams and gives clients a 360° view of their business. From cradle to grave, our AI-enabled CLM for government contractors streamlines management of the entire contract lifecycle for prime contracts, subcontracts, and commercial transactions, automating and systematizing workflows to drive efficiency and cost savings, and freeing up contracts professionals to concentrate on managing compliance and risk. Get Data Sheet or Take an Interactive Product Tour

Key Capabilities

Free up contracts professionals to concentrate on compliance and risk.

Streamlined Contract Creation

Clients can use CLM with TechnoMile’s integrated Growth Suite, which optimizes pre-award BD, capture, and proposal processes. This creates smooth, efficient handoffs as solicitations convert seamlessly to awards, bringing forward pre-award details to eliminate keystrokes and simplify contract creation.

AI-Powered Intake of Prime and Subcontracts

Clients have the option to add on our Transform Copilot, powered by TechnoMile ElevateAI Service. Digitize federal prime or subcontracts and our pre-trained models intelligently extract industry-specific data and present it for the Contracts team to review, automating the creation of detailed contract records and shaving hours, if not days, off contract intake activities.

Configurable Clause Library

Our CLM for government contractors includes a configurable clause library comes pre-loaded with federal regulatory clauses, including FAR/DFARS and agency supplements. Track clauses, classify them by agency/department, and designate mandatory and flowdown clauses, which simplifies contract creation and enables clear visibility into risk across your contracts portfolio.

Automated Clause Library Management

With automated clause library management, clients can check for available clause revisions or updates on and automatically update their CLM’s clause library, removing the burden of manually maintaining clauses and helping to ensure the most recent language is available for compliance review.

Document Management

With our SharePoint Connector, clients have a single, online repository for each contract’s related documents and files, organized into a standard folder structure, making it fast and easy to find and share documents such as such as solicitations, RFIs, RFPs, and standard forms for DoD and civilian agencies.

Integrated Agreement Management

Clients have the option to use our integrated Agreement Management solution to support efficient creation, negotiation, and execution of commercial agreements, such as NDAs, TAs, and subcontracts. Managing both sell-side and buy-side obligations on a single platform enables more effective management of risk and compliance as clients establish partner, subcontractor, and supplier agreements and seamlessly flow down clauses.

AI-Enabled CPARS Response Management

Automate the capture of CPARS evaluations in the CLM with the AI-powered extraction capabilities of TechnoMile ElevateAI Service. Route evaluations internally to efficiently gather feedback and substantiating documentation to shape responses, track related adjudications, and leverage this past performance data to better inform future pursuits.

Respond to data calls with ease and accuracy and ensure audit-readiness.

Details & Required Reporting at Your Fingertips

Our CLM for government contractors puts real-time information and details about contracts at your fingertips – role-based dashboards, search capabilities, and a centralized document library make it fast and easy to respond to data calls from customers and internal business partners. Easily generate required reporting for DCAA, DCMA, GSA, SBA, and others and confidently demonstrate compliance to auditors.

KPI Visibility

Leave behind time-consuming attempts to piece data together in Excel and leverage CLM’s library of best practices-based reports to produce accurate, real-time reports in one click and get easy visibility into contract end dates, risky clauses, contract value and funding, contract milestones, status of deliverables, subcontracts, and more. Quickly and easily build or modify dashboards and reports to suit your business’s unique needs.

One-Click Document Creation

One-click document creation allows you to rapidly generate routine required documents, such as Standard Contract Briefs and Limitation of Funds letters, saving contracts professionals time and helping ensure continued compliance.

Safeguard against compliance gaps.

CLIN/SLIN/ACRN and Mod Tracking

Easily track and report on changes to available funding based on CLIN/SLIN/ACRN, gaining easy visibility into funding status and helping your organization avoid overspending and additional overhead cost due to non-compliance. Capture modifications as they occur, ensuring continued compliance and keeping your entire team on the same page when changes to period of performance, deliverables, or funding occur.

AI-Driven CDRL & Deliverable Tracking

Track CDRLs and other deliverables and report on their delivery status, providing visibility into compliance with deliverable schedules and helping to safeguard against compliance gaps. Leverage the power of TechnoMile ElevateAI Service to machine-extract CDRLs, deliverables, and other obligations from documents for tracking within the CLM, streamlining their capture and strengthening your team’s ability to maintain compliance throughout the contract lifecycle.

Subcontract Management and Flowdowns

Streamline creation of subcontract agreements with TechnoMile’s integrated Agreement Management solution. Track all subcontracts and modifications throughout the lifecycle of a contract and then digitally manage the closeout process. Designation of prime terms and government flowdowns to subcontractors within your CLM’s clause library ensures that mandatory clauses on prime contracts are automatically added to subcontracts in compliance with mandatory clause flowdown requirements.

Small Business Planning & Reporting

Bring ease and efficiency to the management of small business plans against a contract. Record and track small business commitments at the subcontract level, enjoy easy visibility into compliance relative to commitments, and quickly generate required reports on small business allocations and financials to demonstrate compliance to the SBA.

Labor Category Requirement Tracking

Quickly bulk upload labor rates, providing visibility into the rates incorporated into each contract and which wage determination they may be subject to, as well as insight into labor rates across your entire portfolio of contracts. Labor rates can also be easily added to any associated subcontracts.

Contract Closeout Checklists

Initiate and manage the closeout process for prime and subcontracts digitally, ensuring all required closeout tasks are completed and documented in compliance with FAR and any agency-specific requirements and timeframes. Configure contract closeout task lists to align with your business’s unique needs, assign closeout tasks to users, and easily track and capture an audit trail of completion.

Limitation of Funds Automation

Bring ease and efficiency to monitoring of contract actuals to help ensure timely, compliant Limitation of Funds (LOF) action. TechnoMile CLM estimates future contract burn and, when the LOF threshold is exceeded, notifies the contract manager, who can rapidly generate an LOF letter from the system to send to the government contracting officer.

Eliminate hidden risk in contracts.

Visibility into Risky Clauses

With TechnoMile’s CLM for government contractors, clients can readily identify and report against risky clauses – as uniquely defined by your business – that are embedded within your portfolio of contracts, helping to eliminate hidden risks and enabling proactive risk mitigation.

OCI Vetting

Initiate an OCI sweep using our configurable OCI questionnaire and dynamic review and approval workflows, plus create and track adjudications and capture mitigation plans as needed, equipping you to identify potential OCI during the pre-award stage, implement appropriate mitigations, and capture an auditable history of these efforts. This helps your company avoid the significant legal, financial, and reputational risks associated with non-compliance.

Side-by-Side Clause Comparison

With automated clause library management and easy side-by-side comparison of changes to clause language, contracts professionals can efficiently and proactively identify changes in terms that could heighten your company’s business risk and may necessitate further internal review or escalation.

Invest in technology designed for growth.

One Platform for Go-to-Market through Contract Closeout

With TechnoMile’s integrated Growth and Contracts Suites, clients can manage both pre- and post-award activities on a single, cloud-based platform. Tightly connecting these workflows enables smooth, efficient handoffs as solicitations convert seamlessly to awards, and allows clients to gain a data-driven understanding of contract past performance to inform smart future opportunity pursuits and more effective management of risk and compliance.

Future-Proof Solution

Regular product releases provide you with a steady stream of innovative product enhancements as market needs and technologies advance, helping to future-proof your TechnoMile investment. In addition, our solutions are built on highly flexible platform technology that enables easy configuration and the ability to extend our solutions with low-code/no-code development. This makes it easy to make changes in-house and gives clients the ability to adapt their solution on their own to support emerging business needs.

Best-in-Class User Experience

Deployed on top of a world-class SaaS platform – either Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 – our solution layers TechnoMile’s unique, best-in-class capabilities for managing the complexities of government contracting onto a best-in-class SaaS solution and user experience.

Highly Secure

As a natively-built application, our CLM for government contractors can be deployed in a Salesforce or Microsoft SaaS/PaaS environment that is FedRAMP-authorized (Moderate or High), enabling your organization to meet FedRAMP and CMMC compliance objectives and satisfy highly stringent cloud security requirements.

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