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Task Order Management

Simplify and streamline task order management.  

TechnoMile Task Order Management works hand in hand with our Capture Management solution. Only TechnoMile provides the ability to automatically ingest task orders directly into your CRM from 25+ of the top contract vehicles, plus enables you to more rapidly identify relevant opportunities and the best partners for their pursuit. This equips GovCon, aerospace and defense, and other types of federal contractors to bring order and efficiency to an often-chaotic process, allowing your organization to pursue more task orders and expand its business. Get Data Sheet or Watch the Video

Key Capabilities

Automated Task Order Ingestion

Easily stay on top of all potential new task order opportunities and mitigate the risk of missed task orders. Our unique ability to integrate with top IDIQ/contract vehicle portals eliminates the headache of visiting individual sites to find new task orders.

Auto-Ingest Email Alerts

Task Order Management also uniquely centralizes all of your organization’s task order-related emails and extracts their contents into your CRM, so individual team members no longer face an inbox full of task order alerts.

Rapid Task Order Triaging

All ingested new task orders are presented in a single list view, which can be filtered and sorted by contract type, vehicle name, agency, and more, making it simple to rapidly identify relevant task orders. To further streamline qualification of potential opportunities ingested from eBuy, our solution can be configured to only ingest task orders with desired NAICS codes or other criteria.

Efficient Partner Surveys

Rapidly gauge potential partner capabilities and interest to inform smart teaming strategies. Initiate a configurable partner survey right from the solution and aggregate all responses into a single view, making it easy to compare responses and identify the best partners. Feature available with Salesforce deployment only.

Quick Conversion to Opportunity

When your team identifies a relevant task order to pursue, they can quickly convert it to a new opportunity in your integrated Capture Management solution, which adds all related documents to the opportunity record.

Task Order Visibility

Configurable reports and dashboards provide easy visibility and insight into the task orders you’re pursuing, including who’s managing their capture, their current status, where you’re winning or losing, the related competitors and partners, and more.

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