Solutions for Risk Management

Make data-driven decisions to reduce exposure.

TechnoMile solutions for risk management help GovCon, aerospace and defense, and other types of federal contractors make data-driven decisions to reduce exposure and enable more proactive risk mitigation.

Gain an information advantage that empowers more effective risk management.

TechnoMile’s Growth and Contracts Suites systematize clients’ capture and contract management processes, providing real-time visibility into business performance and risk, and actionable insights into the people, processes, and tools that correlate to more wins and greater contract profitability. This gives clients an information advantage that elevates enterprise performance and empowers more effective risk management.

Eliminate hidden risks in contracts.

TechnoMile Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables clients to readily identify and report against risky clauses – as defined by their unique business – embedded within their portfolio of contracts, helping to eliminate hidden risks and enabling more proactive risk mitigation.

Spot potential risk earlier.

With automated clause library updates and easy side-by-side comparison of changes to clause language, our CLM enables contracts professionals to efficiently and proactively identify changes in terms that could heighten their company’s business risk and may require further internal review or escalation.

Connect pre- and post-award processes to help mitigate risk.

Our integrated Growth and Contracts Suites enable clients to manage pre- and post-award activities and their related data on a single platform. This allows you to easily connect capture activities with contract execution history, delivering a data-driven understanding of contract past performance to inform smart future opportunity pursuits and more effective management of risk and compliance.

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