Growth Suite

Account Management

Strengthen and expand customer relationships to drive growth.  

Account Management extends the value of TechnoMile’s Growth Suite by enabling GovCon, aerospace and defense, and other types of federal contractors to create a centralized, digital account playbook for each customer. Gain a comprehensive, 360-degree view of each account and its health that enables your team to strengthen relationships with customers, proactively mitigate customer risks, and more successfully retain and grow strategic accounts. Get Data Sheet

Key Capabilities

Account Dashboard & Scorecard

Get a one-stop view of the most critical details from each account’s playbook, including the customer scorecard, which allows you to quickly understand an account’s health, including a snapshot of all current and past work history with corresponding RAG ratings and notes.

Visual Relationship Mapping

Use the relationship mapper to visually track and gain insight into the key influencers within an agency’s power structure and decision-making processes, allowing your team to build more strategic call plans and prioritize building the right relationships within an account.   

Call Planning

Centrally track all planned and historical conversations with each account, enabling more effective coordination of customer communication across teams and business segments. Capture internal and external participants, notes and key takeaways, a RAG rating, and any action items from each call.   

Risk Tracking & Mitigation

Gain a clear, centralized viewpoint of any risks associated with each customer relationship, as well as who owns the actions being taken across your organization to address them, enabling proactive, well-orchestrated mitigation efforts before there’s an impact to retention or growth.  

Customer Goal Tracking & SWOT Analysis

Capture each customer’s most important strategic goals and missions, better equipping everyone on your team to align your organization’s solutions and services to the customer’s most critical priorities. Conduct a digital SWOT analysis to help you identify potential new opportunities to grow the relationship by helping your customer capitalize on strengths or opportunities, or mitigate weaknesses or perceived threats to their objectives.

Competitive & Partner Landscape

Track competitors and use data from TechnoMile’s best-in-class data lake of aggregated government spend information to understand which ones are being awarded the most business as you analyze the competitive landscape at an account. In addition, capture a consolidated view of all your current or potential partners at the customer’s account, providing insight into potential teaming strategies to win more business.

Generation of Account Plans & Executive Briefings

Quickly generate account plans and customizable executive briefing documents for any timeframe, streamlining preparation for internal briefings or business reviews with customers, as well as enabling your team to more effectively communicate and set expectations regarding account strategies, goals, successes, or issues.

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