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TechnoMile Connectors are pre-packaged integrations between TechnoMile products and top data sources and software solutions that are commonly relied upon by BD, Capture, and Contracts teams at GovCon, aerospace and defense, and other types of companies doing business with the federal government. These integrations enhance the user experience by putting data that affects your teams’ daily work right at their fingertips and giving them fast, easy visibility into critical information and insights.

GovSearch People Connector

Our GovSearch People Connector brings contact intelligence from GovSearch – the authoritative source for analyst-curated contact information for senior government decision and policy makers – right inside a client’s CRM solution. This provides your team with the contact intelligence they need to inform smart account and call planning and improve the reach and effectiveness of your company’s marketing campaigns or advocacy efforts.

The connector links GovSearch data to the contact records in your organization’s Salesforce or Dynamics 365 CRM. This enriches your team’s view of their contacts, enabling them to see analyst-curated details – including emails and phone numbers for people in positions of authority at federal, state, county, and municipal levels – all without leaving the CRM. These details equip your team to strategically build new relationships and more effectively perform account and call planning. Get Data Sheet

GovSearchAI Connector

TechnoMile’s industry-leading data lake aggregates, cleanses, organizes, and enriches data from top federal sources – including USAspending, FPDS, SAM, and GovSearch – and delivers a single, comprehensive view of this data through our GovSearchAI platform. The GovSearchAI Connector integrates this platform with your TechnoMile Capture Management solution. This gives BD, Capture, and Proposals teams convenient access to intelligence right in the context of the opportunities and accounts they’re working on day-to-day.

The connector enables you to link an opportunity to see an at-a-glance view of relevant historical solicitation information from our data lake – e.g., the solicitation details, contract vehicle, funding agency, contract value, and incumbent. Or, quickly dive into the GovSearchAI platform to find and qualify potential new opportunities to pursue, research and assess competitors or potential partners, and find and import contact information for agency personnel. With the GovSearchAI Connector, your team has critical information and insights right at their fingertips.

SharePoint Connector

Our SharePoint Connector integrates a client’s TechnoMile Growth and/or Contracts solution with their online Microsoft SharePoint site. This allows your team to centralize all documents and files associated with an opportunity or contract into a single, online repository and then quickly and conveniently access them directly from your Growth or Contracts solution.

TechnoMile’s SharePoint Connector auto-generates a standardized folder structure upon creation of a new opportunity or contract record, enforcing clean, consistent organization of files in SharePoint and making them easy for users to find and share. Get Data Sheet Connector

Our Connector integrates TechnoMile Capture Management with the website. From right within Capture Management, your team can quickly search for a solicitation on and pull all its details and documents on to the related opportunity record in one click, saving them time and eliminating manual data entry.

Each opportunity remains linked, so any updates or new documents found on are automatically visible on the opportunity, ensuring your team has the latest information at their fingertips.

GovWin IQ Connector

Our GovWin IQ Connector integrates TechnoMile Capture Management with a client’s licensed GovWin IQ solution. This enables your team to efficiently create new opportunities in Capture Management based on solicitation and award details they discover in GovWin IQ, saving them time and eliminating manual data entry.

Snapshot, timeline, description, and contacts data from GovWin IQ is used to auto-populate opportunity details in Capture Management, and all related documents are pulled over to the opportunity record. Each opportunity remains linked, so any updates or new documents found on GovWin IQ are automatically added to the opportunity, keeping your team up to speed with available details.

Vast Integration Experience

In addition to offering standard connectors, TechnoMile has a wealth of experience securely integrating with enterprise systems commonly used by government contractors. Our platform includes flexible interfaces that support both on-demand and batch update of data between a client’s TechnoMile solution and their other enterprise technologies, most commonly via REST and flat-file transfer. Our wide range of integration partners include solutions for:

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