TechnoMile Platform

A transformative, AI-enabled cloud platform that empowers companies doing business with the government to modernize operations, elevate enterprise performance, and gain an information advantage.

Platform Overview  

TechnoMile provides a transformative, AI-enabled cloud platform for go-to-market through contract closeout that empowers GovCon, aerospace and defense, and other types of federal contractors to elevate enterprise performance and gain an information advantage. Our integrated Growth, GovSearchAI, and Contracts Suites provide best-in-class solutions that are purpose-built for navigating the unique complexities of government sales, enabling our clients to manage the entire lifecycle on a single, secure platform that leverages AI to streamline and automate business processes and boosts productivity and collaboration through a modern user experience. This unified approach tightly connects pre- and post-award workflows and data, enabling seamless handoffs that help safeguard against compliance gaps, and providing clients with a data-driven understanding of past performance to better inform future pursuits.

Key Capabilities

TechnoMile delivers a unified platform for go-to-market through contract closeout, built on world-class technology.

Unified Platform for Go-to-Market through Contract Closeout

With our platform, clients can manage both pre- and post-award activities on a single, cloud-based platform. This supports smooth, efficient handoffs as solicitations convert seamlessly to awards, enables easy collaboration across teams as they work together to win business and execute programs, and allows clients to gain a data-driven understanding of contract past performance to inform smart future opportunity pursuits and more effective management of risk and compliance.

World-Class Technology at Its Foundation

Our platform is built and deployed on top of world-class SaaS technology – either Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 – giving clients the flexibility to choose their preferred foundation. Our solutions layer TechnoMile’s unique, best-in-class capabilities for optimizing BD, capture, and contracting processes onto a best-in-class CRM that provides proven scalability, security, and extensibility.

TechnoMile Data Lake

A data lake is a highly scalable, next-generation data repository. Our platform’s data lake aggregates, cleanses, organizes, and enriches vast amounts of data from top federal sources, including USAspending, FPDS, SAM, and our proprietary GovSearch contact intelligence database that is curated by our team of analysts. We deliver a consolidated, easy-to-use view of this data through our GovSearchAI solution, putting actionable insights regarding opportunities, customers, competitors, and partners right at our clients’ fingertips.

Configurable, Extensible, Connected

Investment in the TechnoMile platform equips organizations with highly flexible platform technology that can be configured with ease and gives clients the ability to extend their solution with low-code/no-code development. This makes it easy to make changes in-house and gives clients the ability to adapt their solution on their own to support unique use cases. And, our platform’s flexible interfaces make it easy to connect TechnoMile solutions with other best-in-class enterprise software to streamline workflows, consolidate data, and gain visibility across systems.

Platform Benefits & Value

Increased Efficiency

TechnoMile’s platform systemizes and streamlines common workflows, automates time-consuming tasks with AI, eliminates rekeying of data, and enables easy information-sharing and collaboration, resulting in more efficient, cost-effective pursuit of business and reduced contract administration costs – by as much as 30%.

Improved Win Rates

Our platform’s Growth Suite uses configurable, Shipley-based sales stages and provides a standardized framework for opportunity management that guides BD, Capture, and Proposal teams to focus on the right activities at the right time, maximizing their effectiveness – on average, boosting win rates by 11%.

Stronger Collaboration

With our platform, BD, Capture, Marketing, Proposal, Contracts, Program Management, and Finance teams share a single, centralized workspace, keeping everyone on the same page as they collaborate to win business and execute programs.

Proactive Risk & Compliance Management

Our platform delivers clear, real-time visibility into risk and compliance, with reporting and tools that enable your teams to more efficiently and proactively identify and mitigate risk, maintain compliance and audit-readiness, and make data-driven decisions to reduce exposure.

Seamless Pre- to Post-Award Handoffs

Manage pre- and post-award activities on a single, unified platform. Our platform tightly connects these workflows, enabling smooth, efficient handoffs as solicitations convert seamlessly to awards, and giving your organization a data-driven understanding of contract past performance to inform smart future opportunity pursuits and more effective management of risk and compliance.

Information Advantage

With our platform, you can harness the power of enriched, curated public data that can be fused with your company’s own data. Get actionable, easy-to-use federal spend and contact intelligence and capture a wealth of data about your own business that provides actionable insights into the people, processes, and tools that correlate to more wins and greater contract profitability.

Future-Proof Solution

Built on flexible, highly-scalable platform technology that enables easy configuration, as well as extension with low-code/no-code development, with TechnoMile solutions it’s easy to make changes in-house, reducing system support costs and improving support efficiency, or adapt your solution on your own to support unique or emerging business needs.

Connected to Leading Content & Systems

TechnoMile’s pre-packaged integrations with top lead sources, our broad range of integration partners, and our platform’s flexible interfaces give users fast, easy visibility into critical information and make it easy to connect TechnoMile software with other best-in-class enterprise technologies to streamline workflows.

No System Integrator Required

Our platform’s solutions are purpose-built to support the complex requirements of companies doing business with the government, enabling you to procure commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software designed for your unique needs that offers a roadmap of continuous product enhancements as our industry evolves.

Accelerated Time-to-Value

TechnoMile offers Out-of-the-Box and Quick Start implementations that make it simple to get up and running on our platform in a matter of weeks or even days and rapidly introduce well-proven, best practices-based workflows across your organization.

Highly Secure

TechnoMile solutions are natively-built applications that can be deployed in a Salesforce or Microsoft SaaS/PaaS environment that is FedRAMP-authorized (Moderate or High), supporting your organization’s FedRAMP and CMMC compliance objectives.

Modern User Experience

Unlike many legacy applications serving our market, TechnoMile solutions provide a modern interface and user-friendly experience that boost productivity, encourage team collaboration, and accelerate user adoption.

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Our Clients

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Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies, to mid-market organizations, to growing small businesses. 


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