Why We’re Different

TechnoMile is relied upon by GovCon, aerospace and defense, and other types of companies doing business with the government, providing a transformative, AI-enabled cloud platform that modernizes operations, elevates enterprise performance, and provides an information advantage.

Transformative Cloud Platform

Our best-in-class solutions are purpose-built for navigating the unique complexities of government sales, enabling our clients to manage the entire lifecycle on one secure, AI-enabled platform that streamlines and automates business processes, and boosts productivity and collaboration through a modern user experience.

This unified approach tightly connects pre- and post-award workflows and data, enabling seamless handoffs that help safeguard against compliance gaps, and providing clients with a data-driven understanding of past performance to better inform future pursuits.

Collaborative Partner

TechnoMile serves as a collaborative partner to our clients, delivering best practice-based solutions that are also highly-configurable and can be tailored to precisely support a client’s unique processes and
evolving business needs.

Dedicated Customer Success Managers help drive successful solution adoption, while our Strategic Advisory team guides clients in leveraging industry best practices and technology to continuously mature. TechnoMile has a track record of listening closely to client needs, and our voice-of-the-customer programs provide regular channels to gather feedback that helps inform product development.

Information Advantage

TechnoMile aggregates, cleanses, organizes, and enriches data from top federal sources plus our proprietary, analyst-curated GovSearch contact intelligence database and delivers actionable data and insights to clients right in the context of user workflows. In addition, our Growth and Contracts solutions systemize and integrate clients’ pre- and post-award processes, providing real-time visibility into business performance and risk as well as intelligence that helps correlate people, processes, and tools to superior win rates and contract profitability.

By fusing our curated public data with clients’ own data and applying AI to predict outcomes and produce recommendations, our technology empowers people to make smarter decisions, faster. This enables our clients to find, pursue, win, and retain more government business.

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Our Clients

From Fortune 500 to Flourishing Small Business

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies, to mid-market organizations, to growing small businesses.