TechnoMile Intelligent Contract Ingestion Interactive Product Tour on Dynamics

TechnoMile Intelligent Contract Ingestion works hand in hand with our Contract Lifecycle Management solution. Powered by our platform’s OCR/AI/ML-driven document parsing and ingestion capabilities, using Intelligent Contract Ingestion, clients can upload standard contract award or solicitation documents, which are intelligently parsed, extracted, and presented for the Contracts team to efficiently review and create contract records. The solution also automates obligation management by streamlining the capture of deliverables and other obligations embedded within a contract, strengthening your team’s ability to maintain compliance throughout the contract lifecycle.

Take this 3-minute interactive product tour to see how Intelligent Contract Ingestion shaves hours off contract set-up activities and frees up contracts professionals working for GovCon, aerospace and defense, and other types of federal contractors to focus on managing risk and compliance, rather than administrative tasks.

Clients have the flexibility to deploy our solutions on top of either Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 – check out this product tour to experience Intelligent Contract Ingestion in action with Dynamics.

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