Salesforce Q4 Play Launch

Herndon, VA – November 2016 – Salesforce hosted their Q4 Play Launch with an overarching theme of employee engagement. Workers require a specialized experience in the workplace, it has to be personalized, smart, productive, and simple. Recognizing and creating this dialogue is critical to establishing a frictionless onboarding and transition. Especially in the A&D sector, as the baby boomer population is declining and retaining new employees is critical to protecting an investment. Smooth is the new fast, however a fast experience does not always ensure a smooth experience. Investing in employees is an enormous investment that always pays off, as happy employees are long term employees.

The wave platform is a useful tool for increasing employee engagement, with its user-friendly and intuitive interface, as it creates a personalized employee experience. With personalized community pages that feature personalized news, groups, and leaderboards; in addition to employee engagement dashboard to analyze things like performance or satisfaction. TechnoMile’s FedIntel, built on the Salesforce Wave Platform, features many of these standard features as well as intelligence gathering capabilities. Finding optimal partners and contracts is essential for the growth of the A&D sector; with FedIntel the public sector can achieve their desired growth.

TechnoMile provides technology and business process consulting services, along with industry specific offerings to enhance customer experience using various innovative technologies. TechnoMile provides enterprise solutions that conduct strategic assessments, drives organizational alignment and provides solutions to meet customers and business needs. Our industry specific offerings are designed to foster deeper participant engagement and provide a greater return on your technology investment. The solutions we provide will allow your business to focus on building relationships and reaching your company’s future objectives faster


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