Governance Risk and Compliance: Government Clause Library

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Reduce Risk and Increase Profits

TechnoMile’s Governance Risk and Compliance(GRC) platform makes managing the government contract lifecycle easier and reduces risk while providing 360 degree visibility across all of your contracts and contract types. This is accomplished by streamlining the arduous task of digitizing your contracts, managing clauses, and automating workflows. Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to parse contracts and bring risk to the your attention to make your contracts more profitable.

TechnoMile’s GRC platform provides workflows and functionality supporting:

  • FAR/DFAR Clause Library
  • Milestone & Delivery Date Tracking
  • CDRL & Mod Tracking
  • Subcontractor Flow Down Tracking
  • Configurable Approvals & Alerts


  • ERP Integration
  • Facility and Location Search
  • One-Click Document Templates
  • AI Supported Risk Management
  • CLIN and SubCLIN Tracking


The TechnoMile Difference

Our commitment mirrors our customers’ steadfastness to their mission. We support our customers by being the driving and constant innovative force while supporting current best practices and expectations. We leverage best in class platforms and technologies to create a solution that minimizes waste and help companies win more of the right opportunities.
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