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GovCon Suite offers a Complete Solution for Government Contractors to not just manage their pipeline but to generate one.

4.5X Faster


Spend less time making your process and more time using it

360° Visibility

Track and Report

Contract Vehicles, Task Orders, B&P Cost, Resources, & Win Probability

Mobility & Security

GovCloud Compatibility

Eliminate worries of FAR, DFAR, FedRamp, and NIST compliance with Salesforce’s GovCloud.

GovCon Suite

Become customer driven with data, meticulous organization, and configurable automation
GovCon Suite is built natively on the Salesforce Platform, transforming the most advanced CRM into a GovCon ready platform. It provides efficiency and configurability to System Integrators, Value Added Resellers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. If the government wants something done fast, they use government contractors. When government contractors want to go faster, they use GovCon suite by TechnoMile.

Capabilities at a Glance


Agency & Competition Data Analysis           >

USA Spending, contract vehicle awards, and other intel inside of Salesforce


  • Automated USA Spending and other vehicle awards data
  • Elaborate profile of partners and competition
  • Perform trend analysis on agency spending
  • Analyze your competition and qualify your teaming partners


  • If you can track, where money is being allocated and spent, you can capture the right opportunity.
  • If you can track historically, who wins those contracts, you can prepare to beat your competition.
  • Every company has growth goals, FedAnalytics will help drive consistent quarterly growth.


Transform the capture process           >

A fully integrated and configurable opportunity life cycle management tool in Salesforce


  • Configurable Shipley Methodology
  • Executive & management dashboards
  • Automated gate review presentation
  • Intelligence & purchasing integration
  • Resource scheduling
  • Federal agency hierarchy
  • Win probability
  • B&P cost tracking


  • Track and manage opportunities/contracts through qualification to win/loss.
  • Complete 360 degree visibility from executive to qualification analyst to partners.
  • Make faster and smarter bid/no bid decisions integration automation and updates.
  • Create a referenceable and configurable automated approval pipeline.
  • Eliminate duplicates.
  • Control data privileges


Automated Task Order Management           >

Identify and qualify more opportunities to develop a robust pipeline


  • Automated import and notification from various contract vehicles.
  • Access engagement rates and perform bid/no bid decisions
  • Teaming partner recommendations
  • Centralized opportunity management portal
  • Automated partner reporting and workflows


  • Real-time notification of new task orders to the GWAC/IDIQ Teams for new and updated task orders
  • Track Contract Vehicle ceiling values to better direct your resources.
  • Meet contract vehicle compliance requirements for minimum bid numbers.
  • Better insight into overall vehicle performance for your business and your teaming partners collaboration.


Contract Lifecycle Management           >

Maintain effective oversight into every stage of the contract lifecycle


  • Automated contract details integration
  • Contract clause selection library & hierarchy
  • Contract Mod tracking and approval automation
  • Subcontractor tracking for each task orders and contract


  • Meet government reporting requirements (DCMA and DCAA reporting requirements).
  • Automated contract tracking.
  • More effectively route and monitor approvals.
  • Standardize workflow for better organizational efficiency.


Program Management and Delivery           >

Evolve and accelerate orders, contracts, and partners


  • Determine eligibility
  • Manage wait lists & placements
  • Track providers, buildings & units
  • View full tenant interaction history
  • Deploy rapidly with cloud apps
  • Administer housing programs


  • Gain Insight into Programs
  • Track Agency Performance
  • Real-Time and Historical Data Analysis
  • Automated program workflow
  • Automated Notifications

FBO Connector

FedBizOpps Connector

Automatically migrates data from FedBizOpps.gov into your Salesforce platform.


  • Automatically pulls data live from FBO.gov
  • Instantly notifies capture teams about opportunity updates
  • Configurable and transferable data


  • Exponentially increases RFP production qualification.
  • Engagement teams can rapidly respond to opportunity updates.
  • Data is now integrated and up-to-date with your existing past, present, and future internal data.

GovWin IQ

GovWin IQ data secure in Salesforce

Pull data from your GovWin IQ directly into your Salesforce Platform.


  • Salesforce GovCloud compliant app
  • Pulls the most information of any app from GovWin IQ into Salesforce


  • Have GovWin IQ info inside Salesforce Accounts.
  • Maintain information on a centralized and compliant platform.


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