CMMC 2.0

CMMC 2.0: What You Need to Know

Presented by:

  • Aaron Tate, SVP/CIO, TechnoMile 
  • Andrew Lally, VP of Software Development & Technology, KTL Solutions
  • Jeremy Mares, VP of Sales – Federal Accounts, Redspin
  • Mishra, Credence LLC
  • Doug Miller, Lead Security & Compliance Architect,  Salesforce Global Public Sector

The CMMC 2.0 rule, which includes an updated program structure and requirements, is expected to be published in late October 2023. In this session, CMMC experts provide a timely update on the status of the 2.0 rule and discuss the implications for organizations that do business with the Department of Defense (DoD). Learn how this new model is not only beneficial for aligning cybersecurity requirements to other federal requirements, but also helps to reduce the cost of compliance for small businesses.

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