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GRC ROI Calculator

What value could your organization get from investing in a modern cloud-based CLM tool?

This ROI calculator (see example) provides a high-level understanding of the estimated time and cost savings that can be realized by adopting a best-in-class contracts management tool for government contractors.

Click Get Started to begin exploring potential time and cost savings.

Your reason(s) for exploration:

  • To save time
  • System Consolidation
  • Mitigate Risk
  • Improve Collaboration
  • Simplify Audits and Reporting

You, your team and Company:

  • Medium (50M+)
  • 45 active contracts
  • 5 employees involved
  • Avg. employee salary is $90000
  • Annual Revenue is $150000000

Total number of hours saved after calculating

  • 300 minutes spent creating contracts
  • 45 mods
  • 5 contracts created per month
  • 200 contract actions
  • 30 minutes spent

Lets calculate $ you saved through system consolidation

  • Currently manage contracts with ERP
  • Yes eliminating any system with CLM
  • 1 no. of systems
  • Total annual cost of systems is $25000

Total amount of Fiscal Risk Mitigated after calculating

  • Unaware of financial exposure
  • Include in calculation
  • Average liquidated damages % per contract 4 %

Calculating total number of hours saved

  • 4 Audit requests per year
  • 30 hours per month spent on audits
  • 10 hours spent per month on reporting
  • Yes you see value having a unified system
  • 5 days to report on standard data request
  • $35000 you suggest is a fair value for a consolidated reporting system
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