TechnoMile Launches FedPM : Federal Program Management Solution

TechnoMile’s new Program Management FEDPM product will enhance performance across the enterprise with innovative features for CRM.

TechnoMile, a Cloud solutions and services provider, has just launched their Program Management solution for Government Contractors, FedPM, which will transform all stages of the program delivery process by providing automation, reporting, tracking, and alert for Government Contractors. TechnoMile’s FedPM includes innovative management features for Project Managers and Program Managers to improve communication, staffing, profits, and scheduling to simplify federal program management with automated, customizable, and scalable tools.


TechnoMile’s Program Management solution differentiates itself by integrating with many systems to bring in more information and have all that data in one place.  With this approach to data centralization, managers will have more visibility to ensure their project run more smoothly and be able to continuously innovate to meet growing project needs.


TechnoMile is an innovative software, application, and services provider that is constantly innovating our products. TechnoMile focuses on delivering innovative technology and processes to transform how business is done. This is achieved by listening to our customers and working with them to create solutions that transform how they do business providing efficiencies and automation that are easy to use stretching across enterprises.

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