TechnoMile Launches FedAnalytics 2.0

The Enhanced FedAnalytics, Now With More Intelligent Automation and Data Management

TechnoMile announced their launch of their new FedAnalytics 2.0 product.  TechnoMile’s Federal Analytics (FedAnalytics) tool is a solution built for government contractors to streamline federal data management and reporting, and gain more actionable intel.  FedAnalytics does this by centralizing real-time Federal data directly from sources such as USASpending, Systems Account Management (SAM), and Federal Procurement Data Systems (FPDS). TechnoMile’s solution for Federal data management transforms the way Capture Managers and Proposal Managers do business and simplifies partner and competitor analysis.  TechnoMile’s enhanced FedAnalytics, FedAnalytics 2.0, will enable Government Contractors to more efficiently access, analyze, and make decisions on Federal data with enhanced automation.

Recently, it has become increasingly more important for businesses to be able to seamlessly analyze all the data around opportunities, partners, and competitors in the fastest way possible. TechnoMile’s FedAnalytics 2.0 delivers real-time Federal spending and contact data for Government Contractors to manage in a more filterable and searchable way.  The data on FedAnalytics 2.0 is displayed on real-time reports and dashboards and provides more insight to Capture managers while allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.

“FedAnalytics 2.0 has been completely enhanced in each area to provide the best data analysis to our customers,” says Ashish Khot at TechnoMile. “Our enhanced FedAnalytics displays all the most up-to-date data now even more efficiently and is more customizable to allow our customers to have control over federal data.”  FedAnalytics 2.0 will enable users to make more effective decisions on data, is easy to configure, and is customizable to provide businesses with more flexibility. FedAnalytics 2.0 is available for a demo. Find out how FedAnalytics 2.0 can be integrated with our other platforms in the GovCon Suite by learning more about our other platforms.  

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