Tysons Corner, VA – October 2016 –  Mosaic Executive’s Potomac Officers Club hosted a Defense & Research Development Summit, which stressed the importance of technological innovation and progress in the armed forces. The biggest obstacle to achieving futuristic innovations is not a lack of funding but insufficient communication channels within the DoD.  The DoD’s budget might be expansive but it is also constrained by department. This strain on the budget has the capability to drive innovation into the future by stimulating necessary research and development. The DoD’s size has been shrinking over the years; this has not halted groundbreaking developments, such as directed energy weapons, which in turn ensures their troops are always armed with high tech inventions against their adversaries.

Efficiency is the key the innovation and by removing roadblocks in communication channels; the DoD can achieve their desired innovation goals within a manageable budget. There is no single solution that will satisfy all of the DoD’s needs, however working with a medley of technological solutions can propel the DoD into an optimal position. During his speech, LTG H.R McMaster emphasized 4 critical pillars in regards to innovation in acquisitions “think, learn, analyze, and implement”. Expanding upon how any deviation from one of these pillars will most likely lead to a denial of your innovative solution. TechnoMile offers an Innovation Management solution enabling enterprises to focus on benefiting these pillars instead of squandering additional resources due to inefficiencies in their acquisitions. Innovation Management has already been implemented in various sectors of the DoD, revolutionizing their procurement process to the 21st century.

TechnoMile provides technology and business process consulting services, along with industry specific offerings to enhance customer experience using various innovative technologies. TechnoMile provides enterprise solutions that conduct strategic assessments, drives organizational alignment and provides solutions to meet customers and business needs. Our industry specific offerings are designed to foster deeper participant engagement and provide a greater return on your technology investment. The solutions we provide will allow your business to focus on building relationships and reaching your company’s future objectives faster.

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