January 8th, 2020 | By TechnoMile

TechnoMile produces three upgrades per year for all of our solutions, and we are kicking off 2020 with our latest release for the GovCon Suite. Our Growth and Compliance offerings feature a host of updates and additions highlighted by the following:


Growth Suite: SAM.GOV Connector

The government discontinued, also known as, in November 2019. Its replacement, beta.SAM.GOV, required a new integration from TechnoMile. Our SAM.GOV Connector syncs opportunity records from GovCon Suite to the corresponding record in beta.SAM.GOV.

Users have the option of entering either a particular or a list of Solicitation Numbers (separated by commas) to fetch the data pertaining to Contract Awards, grants, electronic payment processes, etc. The records matching the specified Solicitation Number(s) will be brought into Salesforce and will either update existing records or create new ones.

For more information on SAM.GOV Connector, current GovCon Suite users can click here. For those new to GovCon Suite, download this eBook to learn about its capabilities.




Growth Suite: Agency/Vendor Intelligence

There is a new Connect to TechnoMile Analytics button that connects an Account record in the Growth Suite to the TechnoMile Analytics Portal that includes business intelligence on your customers as well as potential partners and vendors. You can then choose to match this Account with an Agency or Vendor on the TechnoMile Analytics Portal. You can also view the expanded hierarchy of an Agency or Vendor and click to match a Sub-Agency or Sub-Vendor with your Account record.


Once matched, real-time information (such as Contract Awards, Contacts, Accounts, etc.) from the TechnoMile Analytics Portal is directly brought into TechnoMile’s Growth Suite.

An Update button is also available on Opportunity and Contact record pages that allow you to synchronize Opportunity and Contact data from the TechnoMile Analytics Portal into the Growth Suite. For this, you will need to select the fields that you want to sync and then click the Save button.

For more information on TechnoMile Analytics Connector, click here.


Growth Suite: eBuy Connect Chrome Extension

TechnoMile’s Growth Suite includes the ability to port over opportunities from eBuy directly into our solution. However, when a customer’s eBuy credentials are logged out, this sync is prevented from occurring.

Our updated eBuy Connect Chrome Extension monitors the activity of a user’s login session on the GSA eBuy website. Subsequently, in scenarios where a session is logged out and remains in the idle state for 24 hours or more, the extension automatically sends out an email to users informing them of the same.


Compliance Suite: Clause Management

A simplified version of the Clauses feature now enables users to search for Clauses by specifying Primary and Secondary Clause Types, along with Clause Keywords. You can, then, select and add specific Clauses from the search results for review on all of your Contract Vehicles and Subcontracts.


Following are the actions that can be taken to fine-tune this experience even further:

  •  Customize the added Clause records view by selecting specific Table Columns for display
  • View and edit added Clause record details
  • Create and add new Clauses to the Clause library from all your Contract Vehicle and Subcontract records


For more information on Clauses, click here.


New to TechnoMile GovCon Suite and Want to Learn More?

The TechnoMile GovCon Suite was designed to help government contractors target, qualify, bid, and win more business. Working with many of the fastest-growing government contractors, we understand the unique challenges, regulations, and processes companies face when doing business with the government. We’ve designed the GovCon Suite solution specifically to simplify, automate, and accelerate these processes. Built-in analytics and intelligence provide a deeper insight into your market opportunities, customers, and competitors. If you’re ready to explore the capabilities of the TechnoMile GovCon Suite and see how it can help you achieve your business objectives contact us at


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