GovSearch – An Exciting Time of Growth and New Opportunities

December 3, 2019 | By GovSearch, a TechnoMile Company

By Sally Swan, General Manager of GovSearch, formerly Carroll Publishing

I was in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for our traditional Thanksgiving celebration last week.  Coincidentally, the house where I stayed is right across the  street from where, five months ago, I stopped to take a phone call with Mick Fox and learned that TechnoMile would be making an offer to acquire the assets of  Carroll Publishing. That bid was successful and today those assets are being operated by TechnoMile under the name of GovSearch.

GovSearch builds upon and further enhances the legacy of the Carroll Publishing products.  Committed to its customers, the same management, IT and  editorial staff have joined GovSearch.  Enhanced editorial processes are being evaluated and implemented to improve the accuracy and currency of the core contact information offering.

Each office is assigned a specific editor to ensure that every office is updated on a routine basis.  New emphasis is being placed on keeping abreast of late-breaking changes, making this the daily priority of senior editorial staff.

TechnoMile offers Capture Management, Task Order Management, Contract Lifecycle Management and Program Management which may be obtained through the GovCon Suite: Growth package.  Spending and Competitor Analytics along with account information, e.g. GovSearch’s contact data, are offered in the  Analytics tier of GovCon Suite.

The GovCon Suite foundation is built upon centralizing customers’ government contracting data to provide advanced reporting and efficiencies throughout the enterprise.  GovCon Suite integrates with a variety of ERP, Project Management, HRMS, Content Management and back office systems.

GovSearch continues to offer its stand-alone web and data products built around contacts in Federal, State, Municipal and County government.  State & Local  Expenditure and Employment data will be updated with the release of the 2017 Census of Governments due from the Bureau in late 2019.  Federal expenditures, IT Business Cases, IT Portfolios, Strategic Plans and RDDS will also be updated for FY2020.

GovSearch is entering an exciting time of growth and new opportunities building upon the solid legacy of its past as Carroll Publishing. It is thanks to  TechnoMile that it will continue to fulfill the potential and promise that it provides to its customers.


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