MDA Information Systems

MDA Information Systems Streamlines Sales Process and Increase Win Rates with TechnoMile

MDA Information Systemsis an industry leading communications and information company that provides government and commercial customers with innovative IT solutions in the utilization of remote sensing data from aircraft and satellites, and is the largest commercial provider of enhanced satellite imagery.

Formerly, the company used legacy software with limited CRM capabilities. Ambiguously labelled fields confused end users during data entry and resulted in data duplication. Poor data hygiene reduced the sales team’s productivity as prime selling time was being spent on finding incorrectly indexed information.

In order to build a steady pipeline of opportunities for future revenue growth and streamline their sales process, they identified a need to upgrade their CRM database quickly. They required a system that could automate manual sales processes, provide management visibility on pipeline progression, and facilitate a more stringent data governance process.

MDA decided to purchase to empower their sales team, but experienced low user adoption after trying to self-implement the solution. recommended they leverage a Salesforce certified implementation partner to provide faster time to value.

The selection was narrowed as MDA needed a firm with consultants who were U.S. citizens with Secret Clearance to deal with sensitive information, could provide best practices for operationalizing the federal capture and contracting process, and inject innovation to track different sales processes for each specialty department.


Since the Salesforce Sales Cloud is not configured for the federal contracting process out-of-the-box, TechnoMile’s experience in consulting with numerous federal contractors enabled them to create a sophisticated system that would not only streamline MDA’s business process, but also increase their win rate exponentially through integration and CRM customizations.

“The platform is very malleable and can be customized to operationalize any complicated business process in short order,” said Ashish Khot, Founder and CEO at TechnoMile. “We knew we had to create a strategic plan with well-defined goals so we could execute their vision on budget and on time.”

Increase Win Rates

TechnoMile bolstered their CRM value by enabling an integration with Deltek GovWin IQ-a third party service that provides federal contractors insight into over $1.8 trillion dollars worth of available government opportunity. The integration allows data from GovWin IQ to flow into Salesforce and saves the sales team from manually going back and forth between two systems to input data. Data from GovWin IQ in conjunction with data input by Capture Managers into Salesforce customized fields gives MDA a wealth of contextual data to work with, allowing them to understand when to pursue and bid.

This appended insight provides their sales team visibility from a hierarchical perspective into which opportunities already have contracting vehicles (e.g. GSA, IDIQ). This information empowers them to pursue the right deals faster and increase their win rate.

Enable Visibility into Capture process costs

Because of MDA’s longer sales cycles, they wanted the ability to track pursuit and acquisition costs. TechnoMile built a module within Salesforce to capture the cost of a project over “n” number of years and forecast revenue through long durations of time.

Provide Customized Training and Post-implementation Support

To ensure fast time-to-value and higher user adoption TechnoMile was commissioned to create a comprehensive training curriculum and delivered it both online and through classroom style sessions for MDA’s administrative team and end-users.


TechnoMile created an innovative custom Federal Capture solution that benefited multiple MDA departments.

  • The capture and business development teams now have the infrastructure to be more productive and effective in their roles.
  • The marketing department has access to more clean, relevant, and contextual data to support their promotional materials and campaigns
  • The executive team has visibility into the size and velocity of the sales pipeline as well as the cost of the capture process.