TechnoMile Unveils New Artificial Intelligence Capabilities at Elevate 2023

Attendees previewed a host of AI-powered innovations designed to satisfy the unique needs and stringent data security requirements of federal contractors

Tysons, Virginia, November 9, 2023TechnoMile, a leading provider of transformative cloud solutions that empower companies to find, pursue, win, and retain more business with the government from go-to-market through contract closeout, announced its latest product innovations during its recent Elevate 2023 event, the company’s annual customer conference that brings together clients, employees, partners, and industry thought leaders to discuss the latest trends in digital transformation and government contracting.

A key announcement was the introduction of GovSearchAI, a new platform for federal contractors that combines the power of AI with the intelligence in a company’s CRM system, enabling rapid identification of the top federal opportunities a company should consider for pursuit. Using leading-edge large language models, the platform’s proprietary recommendation engine continuously sifts through public procurement data, as well as private data regarding newly-published task/delivery orders on a company’s contract vehicles and OTAs and recommends the leads each organization is best positioned to win. The platform’s GovSearchAI Discover Copilot provides business development teams with an integrated, conversational experience to uncover lead intelligence and more rapidly qualify leads, instantly summarizing critical details from solicitations, task/delivery order notices, and related documents, plus allowing users to ask and get answers to their own questions as they evaluate leads.

“In the current environment, federal contractors are continuously asked to do more with less. At TechnoMile, we’ve been keenly focused on responsibly bringing the promise of AI to bear to help our clients meet the challenges of greater demands and fewer resources. TechnoMile’s new GovSearchAI platform is an exciting example – our AI technology uniquely unlocks the value of public procurement data in combination with each client’s own CRM data, significantly speeding business developers’ ability to identify and evaluate opportunities for pursuit,” said Ashish Khot, CEO, TechnoMile. “As we speak with Aerospace & Defense and GovCon organizations, there’s a lot of excitement about AI but there’s also a very real trust deficit. TechnoMile understands that data security and trust are paramount and we’ve meticulously selected models and built our AI framework with the protection of client data top of mind. We’re balancing speed with responsibility and placing a priority on security, transparency, and explainability as we’re delivering on our roadmap of AI-fueled capabilities.”

In addition to announcing its new GovSearchAI platform, TechnoMile showcased a variety of product innovations that have been released or are on the company’s near-term roadmap for its Growth and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, a few of which include:

  • GovSearch CRM App: Organizations that sell to the public sector or work with industry partners can bring analyst-curated people intelligence from GovSearch, the authoritative source for contact information for senior government decision and policy makers, right inside their company’s CRM system, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and others. This gives business developers an enriched view of contacts – including validated contact data and biographical and historical position details – to inform smart account and call planning, plus the ability to add recommended new contacts, helping to strategically expand relationships within an agency or industry partner.
  • Next Generation Task Order Management: Building on TechnoMile’s industry-leading task order management capabilities, the next generation solution will use natural language processing to ingest notices from any contract vehicle as well as OTAs and deliver AI-powered opportunity recommendations and task order summaries.
  • Intelligent RFx Summaries and RFx Copilot: Intelligent RFx processing will consume solicitation and policy documents and use domain aware generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) models to summarize critical information – such as required capabilities and details from Sections C, L, and M – empowering Growth professionals to quickly gain a comprehensive, highly-consumable understanding of each opportunity’s requirements. The RFx Copilot will allow business development and capture professionals to conversationally interact with the platform, assisted by industry-leading prebuilt prompts.
  • Proposal Compliance Matrix: Leveraging AI-driven data extraction, Growth teams will be able to generate a spreadsheet-based compliance matrix in one click, streamlining their ability to understand all RFP requirements and ensure a compliant proposal response.
  • Revenue Projection Model: Many government contractors struggle to accurately forecast opportunity revenue. Leveraging the trillions in federal spend in the TechnoMile Data Lake, the revenue projection model will analyze historical obligation data for comparable contract awards, empowering Growth teams to rapidly and precisely generate revenue forecasts for federal opportunities.
  • Intelligent Mod Ingestion: Designed to aid Contracts teams,this feature will automate the capture of any type of contract modification – e.g., updates to funding, period of performance, labor categories/rates, clauses, administrative details, etc. – within the client’s TechnoMile CLM system, simplifying tracking of contract changes to save contracts professionals’ time.  
  • ContractsAI Copilot: This copilot will provide assistive, generative, natural language capabilities that enable contracts professionals to rapidly perform detailed investigations of their contracts via a conversational interface and instantly identify risky clauses, enabling fast, accurate responses to data calls and improved risk mitigation.
  • Commercial Agreement Management: This feature set will extend TechnoMile’s current capabilities to generate, negotiate, and digitally execute partner and buy-side agreements to any type of commercial agreement, plus augment the user experience with a copilot to help evaluate and guide clause selection, enabling companies to efficiently write smart commercial contracts.

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