TechnoMile Agreement Management Interactive Product Tour on Salesforce

TechnoMile Agreement Management works hand in hand with both TechnoMile’s Growth Suite and GRC Suite to streamline the creation, negotiation, and execution of any B2B agreement associated with a company’s pursuit or performance of a government contract.

Take this 3-minute interactive product tour to see how Agreement Management enables GovCon, aerospace and defense, and other types of companies doing business with the government to simplify their creation of any agreement type – such as NDAs, PIAs, TAs, SOWs, and MSAs – and accelerate agreement review and negotiation cycles.

Clients have the flexibility to deploy our solutions on top of either Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics – check out this product tour to experience Agreement Management in action with Salesforce.

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TechnoMile CLM Overview Interactive Product Tour on Salesforce

TechnoMile Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables companies to centrally track all contract types – both those with the government and related B2B agreements – on a single, secure cloud platform,…