Customer Success

Adoption. Support. Services. Success.

Every TechnoMile client becomes part of our Customer Success program upon deployment of our solutions. The program’s goal is to ensure our products and services exceed our customers’ expectations throughout the entirety of their relationship with TechnoMile. We encourage clients to take advantage of the additional consultative services and development hours included in our premium success package.

Training Documentation & Videos

As part of the TechnoMile Customer Success Community, we provide a detailed walkthrough and videos to help improve overall adoption. This includes tips, tricks, best practices, and frequently asked questions.

Customer Success Community

Train The Trainer

Our train the trainer model focuses on training admins and super users throughout implementation and afterward to ensure adoption and overall platform success. This is further supported by reports and dashboards located inside of the solution that allows users to track logins and overall platform use.

If you are interested in more in-depth user training please contact customer success

Essential Support

Our essential support comes with every licensed product and provides a timely response as well as essential go-live support with schedule yearly check-ins.

Premium Support

Our Premium Support comes as an additional charge and is a more hands-on and proactive approach to support. This is ideal for companies that have security, compliance, and/or complex configurations.  Premium support including everything that comes with Essential Support with more frequent scheduled check-ins as well as even more timely support ticket turn-around times.

Professional Services

TechnoMile’s Professional Services offers global consulting and implementation support and services with local knowledge to help you succeed. Applying deep industry expertise, TechnoMile Professional Services helps customers implement and customize TechnoMile Product Offerings for their unique requirements, providing a platform from which they can dramatically improve and grow their business.

Managed Services

Without the proper support and maintenance, your CRM instance can turn into a headache-inducing platform rather than an invaluable problem-solving one. But before you ask your HR department to get a job listing for a full-time CRM administrator/specialist online, take a look at the benefits of TechnoMile’s Managed Services.

Ensuring a customer’s success requires understanding and learning each customer’s needs, as well as enabling them to achieve maximum value from the platforms provided. The Success Team begins its customer relationship before the kick-off program and the relationship never ends. Every customer is assigned a TechnoMile Customer Success Manager (CSM), who assist you along the way.


Customer Success Community

TechnoMile aims to create a community of users to empower our companies to take advantage of every aspect of our solutions and ensure adoption and success through go-live and from year to year after.

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