A Quarterback’s Guide to the Value of Vertical CLM Solutions in Aerospace & Defense

Originally published in GovConWire on February 15, 2024 by Mick Fox, Chief Operating Officer, TechnoMile

I am a die-hard fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I realize I probably just lost some of you die-hard Eagles, Giants, and Commanders fans, but hear me out. While you may have your own NFL favorite, I imagine many of you can relate to my passionate belief that if only I were the one calling the plays for the Cowboys, or hiring the coaching staff, or making draft decisions, the team would certainly be headed to the Super Bowl every year. Yes, I’m an excellent armchair quarterback.

However, the harsh reality is that these types of decisions are best left to people more expert, more focused, than I, who typically have cleats-on-the-ground experience and lengthy careers, dedicated to professional football. Outcomes are simply better when domain expertise is brought to bear.

When I’m not armchair coaching the Cowboys, my team and I help Aerospace & Defense companies navigate the digital transformation of their Contracts organizations as they implement Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software. And, like my Cowboys example, these Contracts teams will see better outcomes and derive greater value from their CLM when they partner with a domain expert – a vertical CLM solution provider focused on the A&D industry, rather than a generalized platform “armchair” quarterback provider.

Mastering the CLM Needs of Aerospace & Defense Companies

So how does a vertical CLM deliver better outcomes? Here are five important ways that a purpose-built CLM for the A&D industry excels beyond horizontal CLM solutions at driving value and results for organizations in this sector.

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