ArchIntel Announces Strategic Partnership with TechnoMile

August 8th 2019 | By TechnoMile

“We are excited to provide this connectivity to ArchIntel customers as it follows our belief that context and collaboration are often required to make business intelligence actionable.” – Ashish Khot, CEO of TechnoMile.

We are proud to announce the partnership between TechnoMile and ArchIntel to create the ArchIntel Salesforce Connector, a solution that will enable ArchIntel users to access and share Archintel content on Salesforce.

“ArchIntel is thrilled to partner with TechnoMile for Salesforce integration of ArchIntel’s customized intelligence reporting. As an organization that uses Salesforce across all levels, ArchIntel is well aware of the power of Salesforce to facilitate communication and collaboration across an organization,” says Jim Garrettson, CEO of ArchIntel.

The ArchIntel Salesforce Connector will enable ArchIntel users to utilize Salesforce’s standard functionality to seamlessly collaborate, search, and access data such as ArchIntel articles in Salesforce. With features such as topic tagging and advanced automation, users can automatically create topics and share data in Chatter.

“Thanks to TechnoMile, ArchIntel’s customized, curated content is now available to act as a force multiplier within Salesforce,” says Jim Garrettson.
is a completely customized, human-intelligence powered daily briefing service, providing actionable intelligence and situational awareness for executives and their teams regarding competitors, customers, partners, and business trends. Information is gathered 24/7, delivered via email in the ArchIntel Daily Intelligence Brief ™ and online through the private, secure, ArchIntel Archive. All Archive content is scored for sentiment/tone, as well as data tagged for easy searching, cross-referencing, and sharing with colleagues.

To learn more about ArchIntel, contact a local ArchIntel representative at

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