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TechnoMile’s Retail & Hospitality suite simplifies B2B business processes, strengthens your employee and customer relationships, and boosts content management with the most innovative and automated tools. TechnoMile’s automated system will transform your approach to ECommerce and drive more growth as you enable better and faster communication, delivery, and sales. Add more value to your business and expand to more customers faster with TechnoMile’s Retail & Hospitality suite.

Sales Enablement

Improved opportunity tracking and awareness


E-Commerce Centralization

Ad Management

Ad Approval Management

Customer Experience

Customer Tracking and Reporting

Pricing & Quoting

Centralizing Customers Opportunities and Pricing


Sales Enablement

TechnoMile’s Retail & Hospitality Suite includes embedded and custom apps to boost productivity for sales reps, and enables employees to work more effectively and collaborate on sales, opportunities, campaigns, service cases, and projects. Having more personalization creates more streamlined processes that both employees and customers will benefit from. Boost your brand recognition with a customizable way of organizing brand images, along with a custom branding of apps and the ability to configure the navigation to match the way you work.


TechnoMile’s ECommerce solution integrates Magento and Salesforce. This solution is called ForceGento, and links Salesforce and Magento with generic features that are needed for any business who works on CRM and ECommerce independently.  ForceGento provides a two-way data sync between Magento and Salesforce, which allows for the effortless integration of the two platforms. With ForceGento, you can easily map data and integrate orders, products, customers, and inventory on both applications depending on your business needs. Track abandoned shopping carts to create a customized customer experience to convert shoppers into buyers, in addition to tracking frequently viewed products to develop intelligent marketing campaigns.

Ad Management

TechnoMile’s AdApprove provides a simple and easy-to-use application for managing your advertising workflow. With AdApprove, you can easily turn SalesForce into a full-service ad managing environment that provides suggestions, insight, and more ways to customize your advertising. Our application streamlines the process of managing your client’s ad campaigns with more ease and flexibility.

Customer Experience

Advancements in technology are creating new possibilities for Retail & Hospitality leaders, and it is becoming more of an expectation for customers to have a personalized, simple, and fast experience. TechnoMile’s Retail & Hospitality Suite solution for customer experience enables employees to access critical contact account and opportunity data, and provides clients with a personalized experience. Start improving your customer experience with an improved UI, navigation, and customization tools.

Pricing and Quoting

TechnoMile’s Pricing and Quoting solutions allows you to seamlessly generate price quotes based on your company size and industry type, and allows you to receive quotes faster with an automated system. We also implement our pricing & quoting with Salesforce’s CPQ software to ensure the most simple pricing results. With TechnoMile’s Pricing & Quoting solution, you’ll access the most accurate information straight from a CRM platform, along with additional features that provide optimal pricing and quoting results.

Foundations of Success

The GovCon Suite platform consists of five separate but unified solutions, each one with an extensive features list and capabilities, and all of the modules operating under these six foundations for government contracting success.

  • Flexible and customizable platforms
  • Integration
  • Automation
  • Reports & dashboards
  • Data Centralization


The Retail Suite is built around platforms made by companies that have comprehensive security and regulatory compliance programs that also hold a variety of certifications. Because of this, we refer most security concerns regarding the underlying data and access security to our partners. The partners security links are provided below. If you have any questions related to any of our platforms, please contact us at


To learn about Salesforce’s Security Please Visit


To learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Security please visit:


To learn about Appian’s Security please visit:


To Learn more about TechnoMile’s Retail Suite Security please contact us directly at:


The Retail Suite foundation is built on centralizing your business data to provide advanced reporting and efficiencies throughout your enterprise. In order to do that, the Retail Suite can be integrated with a variety of ERP, Project Management, HRMS, Content Management, and back office systems. Here are just a few that we have integrated with in the past:

  • SAP
  • Opera PMS
  • WordPress
  • Azure
  • Amazon EC2
  • Geopointe
  • WorkDay
  • Unanet
  • Bloomberg
  • Sharepoint
  • Outlook
  • Gmail


The Retail Suite provides value to these roles:

Information Technology/ Admins




Customer Representatives

Online Business Development