The Ultimate Growth and Automation
Solution for Government Contractors

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GovCon Suite: Growth provides value to these roles :

Information Technology/ Admins





Business Development


GovCon Suite: Growth consists of an extensive features list and capabilities to encourage overall capture management best practices.

  • Configurable Shipley Methodology
  • Executive & management dashboards
  • Automated gate review presentation
  • Intelligence & purchasing integration
  • Resource scheduling
  • Federal agency hierarchy
  • Win probability
  • Store data in a centralized location
  • Increase win rates
  • Immediate notifications
  • Faster, More Accurate Qualifications
  • Trend Analysis
  • Win probability
  • Approvals
  • Easily configurable
  • B&P cost tracking
  • Contract Vehicle tracking
  • RFP/RFI Release dates
  • Configurable PWIN
  • Advanced integration
  • View account details
  • Opportunity summaries
  • One-click gate reviews
  • Partner engagement
  • Intelligent Integration
  • Pre-built reports & dashboards
  • View partners performance history
  • Automated partner reporting and workflows
  • Interactive reports & dashboards
  • Automated import and notification from various contract vehicles.
  • Access engagement rates and perform bid/no-bid decisions
  • Teaming partner recommendations
  • The centralized opportunity management portal

TechnoMiles GovCon Suite Growth Solution offers a centralized location for users to manage and track their pipeline. It provides industry-specific features with detailed levels of automation, visibility, and capabilities for growing your business throughout the business development and capture process.


Modern Growth Process

Capture Management

Transform the capture process with TechnoMile’s Capture Management solution, which includes a fully-integrated and configurable opportunity life cycle management tool on a CRM platform. TechnoMile’s Capture Management solution is built around the Shipley Gate Methodology and adds value throughout the prospect, qualify, and capture process, and also continuous growth with a scalable platform. Enable Capture Managers to bring in new business and collaborate with partners, and maximize the effectiveness of Capture Teams with TechnoMile’s FedCapture Solution.

Key Features / Use Cases

Configurable Shipley Methodology

Customize a Shipley, task Order, commercial services, or commercial product sales methodology to develop more concise sales and capture plans.

One-Click Briefings

View your pipeline through one-click gate
reviews and populate standard fields. Create a presentation that strategically presents all the fields and progress of your pipeline

Reports & Dashboards

Gain more visibility on opportunities to create
a hierarchy of data and view a high-level
triage of opportunities

Configurable PWin & PGO

The controversial debate of probability to win and go is a nonstarter with our Capture management solution. We provide a standard and highly customization platform for calculating win and go with full control of questions and weighting that can be calculated throughout the lifecycle of an opportunity.

Automated Business Workflows

Easy Bid/No Bid workflows along with automated distribution.

Task Order Management

The driving force for the growth of many Government Contractors is managing task orders. Though this responsibility is necessary, businesses struggle to find the right task orders that will enable growth more rapidly and efficiently. With today’s technology, what if you could find and pursue even more task orders, with significantly less workload?

Key Features / Use Cases

Automated Task Order Ingestion

Use either email parsing capabilities or web capture capabilities to ingest IDIQs directly into your system

Leading CRM Systems

Create your own reports and dashboards around task order data to view how the information is changing, identify patterns, and create reports.


Gain a 360-degree visibility of task orders, along with trend analysis, forecasting, and partners & competitors.

Teaming Partner Management

Our executive management dashboards used by harnessing the underlying CRM reporting and dashboard functionality enables executive to see across the enterprise and to receive real time data to make strategic short term and long term decisions.

Business Intelligence and Competitor Analytics

TechnoMile’s Analytics provides automation which strategically organizes all data around an opportunity for all users involved in the capture process. By integrating with federal data sources such as FPDS, FBO, SAM, and EDGAR, you will have access to more datasets. Analytics organizes all federal source data into one platform for easier decision making and working with more accurate data. Analytics centralizes opportunities and intelligence so you can streamline data analysis. With Analytics, you’ll have the most organized data as you simplify Contracts you should target, along with vendors to partner with, Centralize all types of data, including partners & competitors, B&P forecasting, and opportunity data, and exact federal data sources.

Key Features / Use Cases

Lead Services Ingestion

Integrates with the top federal business intelligence data sources, such as FPDS, FBO, GSA, SAM, EDGAR, GovSearch, BGOV, as well as the state and local solicitation databases.

Actionable Business Intelligence

Builds intelligence around contracts, opportunities, accounts, and contacts for faster insight.

GovSearch Integration

Predictive algorithms automatically provide contacts based on the opportunities, accounts, and contracts you are pursuing.

Essential Business Integrations

Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and most CRM, ERP, and leading business platforms.

Purpose Built Reports and Dashboards

Dashboards and reports built for growing federal business and identifing partners and competitors

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