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Foundation of Success

The AEC Suite consists of five separate but unified solutions, each one with an extensive features list and capabilities, and all of the modules operating under these six foundations for government contracting success.

  • Order and Automation
  • Pre-Built and Configurable
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Mobile Cloud and On-Prem
  • Collaboration & Governance
  • Constant Innovation


The AEC Suite foundation is built on centralizing your contracting data to provide advanced reporting and efficiencies throughout your enterprise. To do that, the AEC Suite is integrated with a variety of ERP, Project Management, HRMS, Content Management, and back-office systems. Here are just a few that we have integrated with in the past:

  • CostPoint
  • Vision
  • SAP
  • viewpoint
  • GovWin IQ
  • Quickbooks
  • WorkDay
  • Unanet
  • Bloomberg
  • Oracle
  • Sharepoint
  • Outlook
  • Dodge
  • Gmail


The AEC Suite provides value to these roles:

Information Technology/ Admins





Business Development


TechnoMile’s AEC Suite empowers AEC firms to be more efficient, organized, and collaborative in the way they pursue opportunities and bring projects to fruition. Regardless of whether you are involved in commercial or public sector work, AEC Suite will enable you to grow faster by providing a scalable platform for streamlining your sales, marketing, compliance, supply chain, and project operations. With an expert focus on process automation, data ingestion, system integrations, and reporting, AEC Suite enables organizations to adapt quickly to ever-changing business needs.

Constantly Evolving

The AEC is constantly introducing new features and functionality to enable best practice adoption at the speed of your company.


Our system is built to easily centralize your existing intelligence and back-office systems to expose existing hidden opportunities and make adoption easier


Easy to configure, customize, and scale to meet your business goals today and next year.


The AEC Suite is built around platforms made by companies that have comprehensive security and regulatory compliance programs that also hold a variety of certifications. Because of this, we refer most security concerns regarding the underlying data and access security to our partners. The partners’ security links are provided below. If you have any questions related to our platforms, please contact us at



To learn about Salesforce’s Security Please Visit



To learn about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Security please visit :




To learn more about TechnoMile’s AEC Suite Security, please contact us directly at

Proposal Automation

Automatically populate proposal templates—eliminates duplicate data entry and makes bidding fast and easy

Data Ingestion and Analytics

Centralize data from leading industry sources and backend systems to enable complex data analysis and insight


Monitor performance against contracts and SLAs to ensure your teams, partners, subcontractors, and vendors are complying with requirements

VOC (Voice of Customer)

Gauge customer loyalty with NPS scoring and automated surveys/response analysis

Dashboards and Reporting

Automate standard and custom reporting as well as tracking, notifications, and alerts

Partner/Vendor Portal

A central hub to manage partners more strategically and minimize risk across supply chains

Business Process Automation

Pre-built workflows can be tailored to your internal and supply chain processes to accelerate productivity and efficiencies

Customer Engagement

Quickly identify and map relationships with partners, customers, and prospects

Program Management

One central place to track and manage programs and operations. Get instant access to underlying data/actual system of record


Access anywhere via mobile devices and tablets. Increase productivity and ensure information can be accessed and input immediately by workers on the go


TechnoMile’s AEC Suite helps enterprises win more business by simplifying complex sales and business development processes for commercial, state, local, and federal business opportunities. This is achieved by simultaneously supporting businesses organizational and operational needs from harnessing best-in-class CRM platforms. Built on scalable and robust CRM platforms, our pre-built and configurable solution is easy to integrate with, thus enabling fast and omni-channel business reporting. TechnoMile’s AEC Suite leverages a CRM platform to deliver a scalable solution that promotes growth and innovation.


Supply Chain Management

With ever-evolving and complex supply chains, it’s imperative to have an agile solution. With TechnoMile’s Supply Chain Management, your team can track and engage with vendors and suppliers more efficiently. TechnoMile’s solution enables AEC firms to transform a supply chain into a scalable process that displays data in real-time by using the integration of the Cloud and the simplicity of a centralized platform. Access actionable intelligence to simplify compliance, along with a 360-degree of your overall supply chain to strengthen compliance.


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