Business Development

As a government contractor, you are competing in an ever-changing and diverse field. Our solutions help you identify qualify and win more business through a centralized, modern platform for insight into opportunities at any stage.

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Competitive Intelligence

Tracking competitors is more important as part of the aerospace and defense complex because one day your a competing and the next day your are partnering. In-addition it enables tracking and reporting on your competitor through different lenses to allow you to evaluate your competitors using outside and inside information.

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Capture Management

Enable users to create opportunities in seconds and then more strategically manage opportunities by having a high-level view of all opportunities in one place.

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Task Order Management

Simplify tasks with ingestion, triaging, and partner development, and has automatic notifications on task order updates.

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Program Management

Today, efficient Program Management requires having complete awareness and as much flexibility as possible. TechnoMile’s Program Management solution is a highly-customized tool built for managing, tracking, and reporting on the program fulfillment process with pre-built functionality made for aerospace and defense business. Streamline complex Program Management processes as you automate each task. By using TechnoMile’s Program Management Solution, you and your team can better organize each area to ensure quality delivery and overall program profitability.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Maintain effective oversight on every stage of the Contract Lifecycle with TechnoMile’s Contract Lifecycle Management solution. With easy configurability and key features, you can better manage common tasks such as tracking subcontractor flow down clauses and simplify challenges such as managing a large library of FAR/DFAR clauses across multiple lines of business. TechnoMile’s Contract Lifecycle Management solution will enable more reporting and insight, along with improved collaboration, awareness, compliance, and governance throughout the complex opportunity lifecycle.

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Compliance Management

Simplify the task of managing CLINS and subCLINS and finding FAR clauses as you stay on top of highly-regulated contracts.

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Subcontractor and Vendor Management

For government contractors, subcontractor management is fundamental to maintaining a healthy customer and vendor business relationship and overall pipeline health. Our solutions provide visibility and communication lines with automaton, reports, and alerts.

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Business Intelligence 

Utilize a data ingestion solution that provides end-users with more realtime data and actionable intel that is automatically populated to find your next opportunity, competitor, and learn more about your customers.

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Teaming Partner and Vendor Management

TechnoMile’s Teaming Partner and Vendor Management solution will go beyond helping you identify your best partners and vendors. It will streamline your processes and collaboration, enabling you to build highly productive relationships with your most strategic vendors. This, in turn, will help to build loyalty and long lasting relationships with the partners and vendors you trust and value.

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From the C-suite to the business analyst the solutions provided by TechnoMile transform every role in the government contracting lifecycle.


Business Development

Business Analyst

Capture Managers

Program Managers

Black Hat Team

Proposal Writers

Compliance Managers



Focuses on building, managing, and automating growth throughout business development and capture.

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Governance Risk and Compliance

Focuses on organizing and automating the management and overall awareness through the contract life cycle.

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Operation Excellence

Centralizing & transforming reporting and management of operations in real-time improving overall situational awareness

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