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Architecture Engineering and Construction

Architecture engineering and construction companies have unique challenges from winning the next new project, to staying connected, to forecasting performance in a increasingly compliance driven business environment. Regardless of whether you are involved in commercial or public sector work, technology’s role in delivering projects, acquiring business efficiently and reporting has evolved. With the assistance of cloud-based business development and project tracking tools that automate tedious task and centralize reporting are what is required to take business’s to the next level to remain competitive and efficient. Companies large and small are taking steps to modify how they grow their business as to meet the business’s short term and long-term goals. TechnoMile’s AEC Suite empowers AEC firms to be more efficient, organized, and collaborative in the way they pursue opportunities and bring projects to fruition.


Aerospace and Defense

When Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing industries choose to go with TechnoMile’s A&D Suite, employees can improve sales processes by having a complete visibility on data, being able to customize how they view the data, and viewing sales collateral on a centralized and scalable platform.

That is only the beginning. The solutions provided not only utlize the latest cloud and machine learning solutions to support aerospace and defense companies but enables them to more effieciently grow business and improve overall business intelligence because they are built with those companies in mind. Like all of TechnoMile solutions our industry specific approach to aerospace and defense companies ensures that we understand the complex multi vendor and partner approach to conducting business with the largest agencies, departments, and companies at scale.


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Winning Federal Contracts Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

TechnoMile’s Analytics solution integrates with leading business intelligence data sources to automate the import of project leads for faster opportunity identification, evaluation, and capture. Data is continuously refreshed, so information is always up-to-date. Competitive intelligence withinnthe system makes it easy to find and evaluate incumbent contracts up for renewal. With one click, you can create new opportunities for contracts up for re-compete.


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The Authority on Who’s Who in Government

Now going by the name GovSearch LLC, GovSearch, for more than 45 years, more than any other source, has helped, and continues to help, vendors, consultants, academics, services and other professionals of all sizes and industries reach their maximum sales levels and relationships in the government sector. No single business sector dominates our clientele.

Our experience is now readily and easily available to you. We provide you the most accurate and up-to-date contact information for decision makers at all levels of government (Federal, State, Municipal and County).

We help you run searches for personnel in multiple ways, functional, geographically, by level, etc. Broad searches develop new leads. GovSearch clients learn the plans, spending and other activities of the government.

Yes, we do it better! We help you like no other. The choice is yours and it is simple. Sign up for a free trial today and increase your sales.


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