Program Management

Today, efficient Program Management requires having complete awareness and as much flexibility as possible. TechnoMile’s Program Management solution is a highly-customized tool built for managing, tracking, and reporting on the program fulfillment process with pre-built functionality made for Government Contractors. Stremline complex Program Management processes as you automate each task. By using TechnoMile’s Program Management Solutution (FedPM), you and your team can better organize each area to ensure quality delivery. Some of the key functionality and capability includes but is not limited to:

Establish and Take Control of your Federal Opportunities!

Automated Program Reporting

FedPM comes standard with both micro and macro reports and dashboards. Enabling its users to track money assets and programs in real time with reports focusing on revenue, compliance, and deadlines.

Milestone Tracking

Utilize day to day and macro milestone tracking and notifications to stay on top of all your projects and programs.


FedProgram consist of an extensive features list and capabilities to encourage overall program management best practices.

  • Determine eligibility
  • Manage wait lists & placements
  • Track providers, buildings & units
  • View full tenant interaction history
  • Deploy rapidly
  • Administer housing programs
  • Reporting & Tracking
  • Advanced search
  • Gantt charts
  • Timesheets
  • 360 degree visibility
  • Task management
  • Scheduling
  • Project catagorization
  • Centralized platform for data sharing
  • Project ownership and tasks tracking


  • Meet government reporting requirements (DCMA and DCAA reporting requirements).
  • Automated contract tracking.
  • Boost efficiency of the contract management process from initiation through award.
  • More effectively route and monitor approvals.
  • Standardize workflow for better organizational efficiency.
  • Speed up your workflow.
  • Eliminate duplicate records or tasks.
  • Advanced tracking creates accountability and encourages more collaboration.
  • Being able to track your compliance and process ensures fewer mishaps to occur.
  • With alerts and notifications, your team can address any issues that arise faster and easier.
  • Improve cost savings.
  • Increase visibility on data, which enables you to more easily meet deadlines.
  • Better data security


The GovCon Suite foundation is built on centralizing your government contracting data to provide advanced reporting and efficiencies through out your enterprise. To do that GovCon Suite can be integrated with a variety of ERP, Content Management, and back office systems. Here are just a few that we have integrated with in the past:

  • GovWin IQ
  • Cost Point
  • SAP
  • Deltek Vision
  • Share Point
  • FBO.gov


FedProgram provides value to these roles:

Information Technology/ Admins





Business Development