Capture Management

Transform the capture process with TechnoMile’s Capture Magagement solution, which includes a fully integrated and configurable opportunity life cycle management tool on a CRM platform. TechnoMile’s Capture Management solution is built around the Shipley Gate Methodology and adds value throughout the prospect, qualify, and capture process, and also continuous growth with a scalable platform. Enable Capture Managers to bring in new business and collaborate with partners, and maximize the effectiveness of Capture Teams with TechnoMile’s FedCapture Solution.

Establish and Take Control of your Federal Opportunities!

Configurable Shipley Methodology

This model is used to primarily in a modified abbreviated fashion by the majority government contractors today the inclusion of business processes from this methodology and a few others enables users to immediately gain new functionality and order the the complex federal opportunity lifecycle.

Executive Management Dashboards

Our executive management dashboards used by harnessing the underlying CRM reporting and dashboard functionality enables executive to see across the enterprise and to receive real time data to make strategic short term and long term decisions.

Automated Gate Review Generation

An integral part to most government capture processes is the Gate Review. A time in which the decision maker may make a go or no-go decision. Most companies are building power points with data that is at least a week old. With FedCapture we enable users to auto generate gate reviews with the click of a button enabling everyone at the Gate Review to make calculated decisions on real time data on a collaborative platform.

Configurable PWin & PGO

The controversial debate of probability to win and go is a non starter with our Capture management solution. We provide a standard and highly customization platform for calculating win and go with full control of questions and weighting that can be calculated through out the lifecycle of an opportunity.

B&P Cost Tracking

With focus on increasing profits being a constant factor to remain competitive your ability to have visibility into the cost of your bid and proposal budget, forecast, and its health in real time is paramount. However it is virtually impossible with old business processes because by the time you have created report your data had changed. With our centralized platform that can be integrated with a whole host of back office systems your ability to track people profitability and availability gives teams more time to deliberate and act is unprecedented.


FedCapture consist of an extensive features list and capabilities to encourage overall capture management best practices.

  • Configurable Shipley Methodology
  • Executive & management dashboards
  • Automated gate review presentation
  • Intelligence & purchasing integration
  • Resource scheduling
  • Federal agency hierarchy
  • Win probability
  • Store data in a centralized location
  • Easily configurable
  • B&P cost tracking
  • Contract Vehicle tracking
  • RFP/RFI Release dates
  • Configurable PWIN
  • Advanced integration
  • View account details
  • Opportunity summaries
  • Interactive reports & dashboards


  • Track and manage opportunities/contracts through qualification to win/loss.
  • Complete 360 degree visibility from executive to qualification analyst to partners.
  • Make faster and smarter bid/no bid decisions integration automation and updates.
  • Create a referenceable and configurable automated approval pipeline.
  • Eliminate duplicates.
  • Control data privileges


The GovCon Suite foundation is built on centralizing your government contracting data to provide advanced reporting and efficiencies through out your enterprise. To do that GovCon Suite can be integrated with a variety of ERP, Content Management, and back office systems. Here are just a few that we have integrated with in the past:

  • GovWin IQ
  • Cost Point
  • SAP
  • Deltek Vision
  • Share Point
  • FBO.gov


FedCapture provides value to these roles:

Information Technology/ Admins





Business Development