Building a Modern, Data-Driven ‘Capture Cloud’

January 18

TechnoMile and APMP will host the live webinar Building a Modern, Data-Driven ‘Capture Cloud’ on Tuesday, January 18 at 11am EST. Learn how leading federal contractors have begun to embrace a suite of modern technologies that will enhance capture management by helping their sales teams make better decisions, through natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Top Takeaways

  • Ingesting, cleaning, connecting and personalizing public data
  • Setting up processes and tools for capture management and contracts management
  • Linking public and private data using natural language processing and machine learning to create critical business intelligence
  • Providing intelligence to all capture professionals in an organization using an artificial intelligence engine

Event Details

StartJanuary 18 @ 11:00am
EndJanuary 18 @ 12:00pm