Webinar – Beyond the Hype: How AI Can Help 8(a) Businesses Accelerate Growth

February 21

Save the date for TechnoMile’s webinar, Beyond the Hype: How AI Can Help 8(a) Businesses Accelerate Growth, a part of the National 8(a) Association Monthly Webinar Series, taking place online Wednesday, February 21 at 2 pm ET. During this webinar, you’ll learn how AI can help small businesses leverage public procurement data and their own sales data to more efficiently evaluate opportunities and focus resources where they’re best positioned to win.

About the Webinar

Over the past year, the buzz around AI has skyrocketed, along with concerns about the trustworthiness of AI technologies. For small businesses operating in a complex and highly regulated federal marketplace, it can be hard to discern the AI hype from practical ways they can begin to employ AI today to help drive business growth. Business development and capture represent two critical business functions where the power of AI can be brought to bear now.

The U.S. government is uniquely transparent about its purchasing, yet for Growth-focused teams, putting this wealth of publicly available data about federal spending and procurement activities to use can be challenging. Join this webinar to learn how AI technologies – including machine learning, recommendation engines, generative AI tools, and copilots – can help federal contractors more effectively wade through public procurement data, as well as get more value out of their own, private data regarding historical wins/losses and sales motions. The result being more rapid and cost-effective evaluation of a larger number of opportunities and the ability to better focus resources where a company is best positioned to win.


Kevin Brancato

SVP of Product Strategy, TechnoMile

Steve Koester

Product Manager, TechnoMile

Event Details

StartFebruary 21 @ 2:00pm
EndFebruary 21 @ 2:30pm