TechnoMile’s Upcoming Partner Portal Capabilities for Prime and Partner Relationship Management

July 21st, 2020 | By Shalaka Khot, TechnoMile

TechnoMile’s business intelligence competencies devised to simplify partner management experience in 2020 Government Quarter 4.


TechnoMile, an industry-specific cloud solutions provider, innovated the new Partner Portal competencies for improving the overall experience of building prime and partner relationships. This configurable Partner Management Solution aims to target the issues experienced by streamlining partner onboarding, engagement, and collaboration while improving the visibility of partner opportunity and participation.

COVID has brought an increase in virtual teamwork, which influenced the partner relationship management process. Currently, relationship building is dependent on online meetings and discussions, which emphasizes the need for efficient Partner Management Solution.

Partnering in government contracting has typically been static. This means most partner-subs don’t have much competition while partnering with a company. This is a clear disadvantage to the growth of the said prime partner. Competition is a healthy influence on the growth of every industry. The right partners can prove to be the biggest asset while winning contracts.

Managing Partners can be a challenging process, that if overlooked, can hurt the bottom line and expose a company to undue risks. Partnering is time-consuming and takes constant manual engagement and tracking. The TechnoMile Partner Portal aims to change that, through automation. It makes engagement and collaboration swift and productive whether it be gathering qualification and level of interest or winning your next opportunity. Unlike other vendors’ offerings, it supports engaging with partners across all phases of the proposal process including pre-bid decision work, and the proposal response.

Using the TechnoMile Partner Portal, contractors achieve a richly interactive relationship that provides value for the prime and the partner. Channel partners will have access to everything they need 24/7. Eliminating the stress of getting partners to contact you and having to wait for a response. Making channel partner’s life easier, increases their loyalty, and improves the partner relationship.

TechnoMile’s Partner Portal helps with centralizing the communication medium for concepts like accounts, opportunities, and documents, consequently achieving it all in one place. Eventually, this helps avoid wasted time that occurs in instances like repetitive email exchanges, therefore improving the overall partner sales cycle. TechnoMile’s dynamic dashboard and pre-built configurable reports provide deep insights, enabling your team to evaluate partners in several ways. The solutions’ built-in automation accelerates business processes, that comprehensively incites productivity and operational efficiencies.

The inbuilt intelligence competencies of Partner Portal help in effortlessly measuring metrics such as performance, partner engagement, pipeline, and sales. Tracking these metrics can assist in improving partner relationships and develop and determine your overall partner success strategy.


Top Partner Portal Capabilities

  • Recruitment and Engagement: Get skillful at managing partners and partner profiles. Efficiently manage NDA’s and TA’s.
  • Partner Sales Management: Route opportunities to the partners and track the partner responses to partnering opportunities. Allows partners the ability to suggest opportunities.
  • Partner Performance Analysis: Using the dashboards and reports, analyze most active partners, as well as the most successful partners.
  • CRM Connections: Simplify processes with embedded widgets for popular CRM solutions, while linking accounts to the partner portal. Push opportunities straight from CRM to the partner portal.

Presented here are just a few of the several Partner Portal benefits, that resolve issues and increase efficiency in multiple aspects of the partner management process. TechnoMile’s Partner Portal promotes one single integrated intelligence source of partner engagement, eliminating time-consuming, out of sync spreadsheets maintained by multiple people. Most importantly Partner Portal enables a quicker process for inviting partners to an opportunity and getting their responses, which is an essential factor for meeting deadlines.


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