TechnoMile Launches Bloomberg Connector Inside FedAnalytics

Streamline More Data Analysis and Data Transfer with TechnoMile’s New Addition to FedAnalytics

TechnoMile has proudly announced the launch of the Bloomberg Connector inside their Federal Analytics product, FedAnalytics. TechnoMile’s FedAnalytics is built to provide Government Contractors with a platform that analyzes Federal data and provides Capture managers and Proposal managers with more insight into opportunities.  FedAnalytics provides these capabilities by allowing users to import Federal data, contact data, and account data from leading sources such as SAM, USASpending, FPDS, and other CRM platforms all into one, centralized platform. Now, TechnoMile’s FedAnalytics platform can pull even more data with the addition of Bloomberg, which will provide more ways for Government Contractors to integrate with platforms and access the latest federal data.

The Bloomberg Connector provides the latest business and marketing news and data, and brings enhanced data analysis and data sets to government contractors.  TechnoMile’s FedAnalytics users can now access even more federal data by integrating Bloomberg data into their platform. “We want our customers to have access to all the essential platforms for effective data management, and the Bloomberg Connector holds vital data that we want our product to include,’ says Ashish Khot, Owner of TechnoMile.  

Being able to access more intelligent data and gain more insight on all that data empowers users to make better decisions.  TechnoMile’s new Bloomberg integration solves the challenges that businesses face today when trying to obtain the right information, managing this complex content, and determine the best path forward.  This integration will transform the way businesses use data. To learn more, schedule a demo or learn more about TechnoMile’s integration within the GovCon Suite.

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