TechnoMile Enhances AEC Suite

AEC Firms can now Win More Business with Enhanced Relationship, Opportunity, and Data Management in TechnoMile’s latest AEC Suite

TechnoMile, a SaaS solutions and services provider, has announced their enhanced AEC Suite, a Cloud-based solution that will allow AEC firms to seamlessly improve projects and simplify the workload of projects faster than ever.  TechnoMile’s AEC Suite benefits both external and internal teams and allows Project Managers and Business Developers to track opportunities with dashboards and customizable modules to strengthen their team’s communication and awareness around opportunities and win more business.  


“A configurable center of excellence that allows us to evaluate more opportunities and grow our bottom line”

TechnoMile’s AEC Suite transforms the way AEC firms organize relationship, opportunity,
and data management to improve win rates on pursuits.  The scalable and robust Salesforce platform allows for seamless integrations that provide opportunity tracking and reporting, along with a full visibility of key performance metrics on a centralized platform.  TechnoMile’s solution helps AEC firms win more business as it drives better decision-making by simplifying complex B2G and B2B sales processes by providing managers with a centralized location for managing data.

TechnoMile’s latest AEC Suite will now deliver an even more scalable solution that supports growing businesses and strengthens organizational needs.  As AEC firms face constantly-evolving requirements, TechnoMile’s AEC Suite will enable managers and teams to more easily achieve growth and grow in context of these changes.  “As we continue advancing our products, we want to be able to provide the strongest levels of features such as automation and customization to our customers in the AEC industry,” says Ashish Khot, Owner of TechnoMile.  With this improved AEC Suite, TechnoMile hopes to continue helping AEC firms achieve digital transformation in the simplest way possible.

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