TechnoMile Roundup: Best of Blogs for Government Contractors

December 26, 2019 | By TechnoMile

As we begin setting goals and aspirations for the new year, it’s important to start with self-reflection—and think about the goals we set and the progress we’ve made throughout the year. In the spirit of this reflection, we’ve compiled a list of our best blogs for the year to ignite your enthusiasm and start the new year off right! (Click on the title to read the blog.)

Effective Call Planning for Winning More Contracts Using GovSearch

TechnoMile GovCon Suite is now integrated with GovSearch.  Using predictive algorithms, GovCon Suite proactively recommends the contacts users should be targeting based on the opportunities, accounts, and contracts they are pursuing. Learn how GovSearch can help you win more contracts.

Technical Problems with to Wasting Valuable Time?

GovCon Suite automates data ingestion from as well as the top federal, state, and local business intelligence sources. Get all of the information you need without having to search and pull data from sites manually.

Strategic Federal Account Planning and Portfolio Management | Lessons from the Field

Make sure every dollar you invest this year contributes to your organization’s growth and profit. Learn five steps for federal account planning to guide your presale and post-sale acquisition processes and position your company for long-term success.

Managing Contract Risk Across an Enterprise

TechnoMile’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mick Fox interviews Retired Federal Procurement, Government Contracts expert, and current Section 809 Panel Commissioner Darryl Scott. Their conversation explores some of the deeper questions around risks facing the contracts industry today, and how these challenges can be solved.

The Importance of Data Analytics for Achieving Operational Excellence

Learn key trends in data analytics organizations are using to achieve operational excellence, deliver value to the customer, and stand out from the crowd.

How to Build a Data-Driven Sales Pipeline to Increase Your Win Rates

When you couple the odds of winning with the fact that your budget for pursuing and winning deals is limited, the approach you take for choosing which opportunities to pursue and to fund is critical. Here we explore how your teams can use data to make faster, data-driven decisions.

GovSearch: The Authority on Who’s Who in Government

It was a big year for TechnoMile and our customers. This year TechnoMile acquired the assets for Carroll Publishing (now called GovSearch). Finding accurate data about decision-makers and policymakers is critical if you are doing business with the government. Learn how GovSearch can help.

Five Ways Modern Analytics Improves the Sales Process

Analytics plays an important role in the sales process by providing valuable intelligence into your markets, prospects, customers, and competitors. Learn five ways your sales teams can drive higher value from data analytics.

GovCon Awards Season 2019!

This year several TechnoMile customers were award finalists for two prestigious GovCon award events—the Greater Washington GovCon Awards and the WashingtonExec Pinnacle Awards. It’s an honor for TechnoMile to work with these exceptional leaders and businesses!

The FY 2020 Federal Budget and IT Spending Trends

IT Spend for the Federal FY 2020 Budget with allocation by agency. Resources for government contractors to learn more about government acquisition programs.

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Best Wishes for a Prosperous and Happy New Year!


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