TechnoMile announces strategic partnership with Carroll Publishing

High Quality Contact and Account Data for Government Contractors

TechnoMile is proud to announce its partnership with Carroll Publishing to further bring government contractors the highest quality data, intelligence, and analytics to their fingertips in context of their opportunities and customers. This strategic partnership aims to improved contact and account database quality for GovCon Suite users to save time and bring more quality data into the contract lifecycle management process.  

“We are excited to integrate Carroll Publishing data into our GovCon Suite of solutions. The quality of the data that Carroll Publishing provides for government and government contractors is unparalleled and backed with years of experience.”

Ashish Khot, CEO TechnoMile

“Carroll Publishing is pleased to be included as a key contributor to the Technomile GovCon Suite. Technomile offers a superior technological solution to marketing and managing government sales and is a perfect complement to our government personnel and office access products. We are excited about this offering to our mutual clients.”

Tom Carroll, CEO Carroll Publishing

GovCon Suite enables government contractors the ability to utilize the cloud to drive growth, compliance, and operations enabling teams to do more with less. By integrating Carroll Publishing into our GovCon Suite of products users will be afforded advanced capabilities in:

Improved Contact Database Quality

Better data. Better deal insight. More closed deals.

Enhanced Capture Strategy

Improved data makes prioritizing and generating call plans for key decision makers easier.

Contact hierarchy

Knowing who answers to who is vital to contact data management for government and government contractors.

Office hierarchy

Higher quality tracking for office hierarchy in the ever changing government space.


Carroll Publishing believes that open government means better government. Our iconic Statue of Liberty theme represents the freedom of government that we hope our products encourage. During its 45 year span Carroll Publishing has earned a quality reputation for the timeliness, accuracy and presentation of government directors, managers, consultants and other significant officials. A high renewal rate is but one measure of such quality. Additionally, by linking multiple sources Carroll Publishing has been able to present features for persons, offices, contracts, and vendors in ways that are available in no other single place.

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