Manage Task Orders, Save Time and Win More with Integrated Solutions

June 11th, 2020 | By Shalaka Khot, TechnoMile

Increase your efficiency in Task Order Management and Partnering by Leveraging Technology in Winning Government Contracts.

The right partners can prove to be the biggest asset while winning contracts. Recently the government contracting area has more opportunities coming out as Task Orders, and there can be thousands of contractors in a NAICS code, which shows there are a lot of competitors. The most tedious part of this whole process is somehow getting all the information in one place and evaluating it in the context of your business. But you probably are unaware that by utilizing TechnoMile’s solutions you could easily save those efforts. When considered in terms of the competitive advantage you achieve, it is one of the core benefits of TechnoMile’s GovCon Suite!

Identifying and pre-qualifying Task Orders takes a lot of valuable time, but it also takes extensive efforts to find the right opportunity. What if you could identify and pre-qualify faster by automatically ingesting the opportunities into a centralized system? This is achievable! While you evaluate the opportunities by leveraging the technical insights, you are simplifying the process of rapidly identifying your next opportunity, instead of individually managing the request each time. Additionally, our solution would enable you to do this as a team. The companies that proceed with it, enhance their way of working by creating more time to answer RFPs, generate better marketing plans, and alignment logistics.

Partnering in government contracting has typically been static. What we mean by this is most partner-subs don’t have much competition while partnering with a company. This is a clear disadvantage to the growth of the said prime partner. Competition is a healthy influence on the growth of every industry. Currently, we are also observing that the technology for both social media and back-office partnering systems has changed this landscape. By creating beneficial partnering platforms and then using social media to inform your industrial sector that you are looking for a partner, has a two-fold advantage allowing you to do more, with less! It also helps to keep the subcontractors on their toes.

TechnoMile’s recent insightful webinar featured a dialogue about digital solutions for Contract Vehicle Task Order and Partner Management, and where they are heading. Considering the current market trends, you don’t want to miss this discussion pertaining to the future of procurement. This intellectual conversation is a take on how one of the fastest growing IT Consulting and Services companies in Government Contracting is leveraging technology to grow their win rate and address the increasing barrage of federal opportunities. 

Access the On-Demand webinar:

Currently, the government has proposed Opening Up America Again. While the economy is starting to get into the go, GovCon Suite will help you gain more in-depth insight into your market opportunities, customers, and competitors. In this article, we’ve only presented superficially what can be made possible with TechnoMile’s insightful GovCon Suite. For more information about the actual process and implementation, visit our website and you can also request a demo by emailing us at

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