What CRM issues did a Prime solve while scaling up?

November 5th, 2020 | By, TechnoMile

TechnoMile platform’s competitive insights empower SkyePoint Decisions to meet growth goals.


SkyePoint Decisions is a leading government contracting company that supports over 12 different civilian defense departments and agencies. As a rapidly growing organization, they needed to support more contracts and contract vehicles. In this article, we will discuss, how just by leveraging TechnoMile’s platform they gained the scale required.

The Challenges


Every government contractor has to go over several Business Development stages during the contracting process. If at each stage they could save time, then that time they can utilize in some other places to get more done. Just working hard sometimes is not enough because working smart helps you achieve more.


SkyePoint Decisions found out that their existing system was good for the finance team but was not really built for the business development needs of their organization. Because of which they did not have a system that supported the functions of business development and capture teams.


Lack of an efficient solution, that could carry out the various processes that their BD team needed, led them to spend time and effort on manual entry work. Manually finding data in 3-5 different places took forever. In order to make just a small change, it would take multiple days for them. The manual entry processes cost their growing organization valuable resource hours. The rapid growth needs they were facing brought a new set of challenges while supporting more contracts and contract vehicles.

The Solution


TechnoMile solution provided capabilities that proved valuable for reporting, tracking, and budgeting had an effect on various parts of their business – such as the meetings between finance and sales became more meaningful and less of a rush to just go over the numbers. Due to the flexibility in functionality offered by the TechnoMile solution SkyePoint Decisions will be able to continue adopting and modifying the solution as they grow.


Growth Platform has helped SkyePoint Decisions to:

Automatically ingest opportunities from contract vehicles

Give back a business development team 1 full FTE of time

Identify key decision-makers

Qualify Opportunities faster than previously possible

Learn more about how TechnoMile helped transform SkyePoints approach to government contracting.

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