How to Manage Your Government Contracts and New Solicitations Effectively During COVID-19

March 31st, 2020 | By TechnoMile

With COVID-19, we are finding ourselves in unprecedented times—quarantines, social distancing, restricted travel, and school and business closures. What started as a health care crisis is now having a ripple effect across the US economy and stock market.

Congress has moved quickly on legislation and a stimulus package to help bolster the US economy. As we talk to many of our clients working on federal contracts, we are hearing their concerns about existing contracts, opportunities, and forecasts:

  • Current contracts: Will we get paid on our current federal contracts? How will COVID-19 impact our ability to perform on current contracts—and if it does—what should we do?
  • New Solicitations: Will COVID-19 impact the flow of new solicitations from federal agencies? If so, how will this impact the opportunities in our pipeline and our forecasts?
  • Communication: Who should we call?

In a recent blog post, “FAR Clauses to Protect Your Federal Contracts During the COVID-19 Pandemic”, we reviewed FAR clauses that could protect you should COVID-19 delay or prevent you from delivering on current contracts. If this happens, it’s essential to document and work with your contracting officers and suppliers on contingency plans and ways to mitigate problems.

No one has a crystal ball to know for certain how COVID-19 will impact the flow of new solicitations. As agencies grapple with new ways of working and new demands due to the COVID-19 health crisis, there could be delays and reprioritization of solicitations based on mission-critical versus non-mission-critical needs. During this period, it’s essential to continue to communicate with the agencies you are targeting to get a better understanding of changing priorities.

How TechnoMile Can Help

Unfortunately, we can’t magically make COVID-19 disappear—or we would. We can, however, ensure you have the information you need to react quickly to new solicitations and opportunities you are pursuing.

TechnoMile GovCon Suite automates and streamlines the tracking of solicitations, recompetes, and task orders. The solution automatically ingests data from a wide variety of federal, state, and local business intelligence sources—including Everything is centralized in one place and configured the way you need it. Plus, it integrates with popular CRM, ERP, BPM, HRMS platforms, and other productivity/back-office systems so that you have all the data you need in one place.  That means your business development and capture teams don’t have to bounce between websites and internal programs to the source, analyze, and track opportunities. Data is continuously refreshed, so information is always up-to-date.

GovCon Suite will automatically notify you of any changes to the solicitations, contracts, or opportunities you are tracking.  For example, let’s say you have been working on a $12 million recompete and need to know if it’s at risk or still on track given delays around COVID-19. Rather than have to search for information, GovCon Suite will immediately notify you of any changes to the opportunity. If the recompete is extended, GovCon Suite will alert you immediately —and automatically recalculate your forecasts based on those changes.

Who Should I Call? How to Improve Your Communications During COVID-19

Building relationships and communicating with decisionmakers, policymakers, and your representatives from federal, state, and local government is particularly relevant right now to ensure your voice is heard, and your contracts are on track. Quickly finding accurate data about people, organizations, and organizational structures can be particularly time-consuming and challenging—especially if you are dealing with hundreds—or even thousands—of accounts, opportunities, and contracts.

TechnoMile GovCon Suite integrates with GovSearch, a rich intelligence database that enables users to easily search and find information about government contacts, organizations, spending, and vendors. Using predictive algorithms, GovCon Suite proactively recommends the contacts you should be targeting based on your accounts and the opportunities you are pursuing. Information is updated daily to ensure you are always working with the highest quality information.

Free Resources to Learn More About GovSearch

Click Here to Watch a 3-minute video to see GovSearch in Action 

Click Here to Access CDC and NIH charts published by GovSearch for FREE

Summary and Next Steps

We are still in the early stages and unknown territory with COVID-19. As a federal contractor, it’s essential to be prepared and react quickly to changes that could impact the opportunities you are pursuing. TechnoMile GovCon Suite can help you. It uses automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics to help you target, qualify, bid, manage, and win more business faster. GovCon Suite will help you gain more in-depth insight into your market opportunities, customers, and competitors.

In this article, we’ve only scratched the surface of the features and capabilities TechnoMile GovCon Suite and GovSearch provide. For more information, visit our website and download the guide, “The 5 Pillars of Government Contracting Success.”You can also request a demo by emailing us at

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