How Industry Specific Cloud Solutions Impact Customers’Business Processes?

June 18th, 2020 | By Shalaka Khot, TechnoMile

Why is it important to choose an industry specific solution which is scalable and matches your organization’s processes?…After change of ownership, a government contractor was compelled to reevaluate their existing business development solution with a close eye on efficiency and value. They chose a solution that led to immediate improvements in productivity, cost savings, ease-of-use, and reporting.


At TechnoMile, we genuinely believe comprehending our clients business process needs should always be our priority! We conduct business process assessments, drive organizational alignment and only then administer diagnostic solutions to meet our clients’ business requirements. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique challenges our customers face and they are invariably configured to yield a greater ROI. They empower clients to focus on building relationships and reaching futuristic goals faster. TechnoMile provides industry specific cloud solutions, leveraging a wide range of innovative technologies to deliver products that enhance the customer’s overall experience, with an aim to help them attain profitability.


The CRM Ambiguity

Virginia-based Versar, Inc. is a global project management company with 13 offices worldwide. They saw a change in ownership, which led to a re-evaluation of internal and external processes, including Versar’s use of CRM. The Versar team had used their CRM with enterprise licenses, and they were configuring it themselves. 

Even after investment of time and resources they were unable to get it satisfactorily working. This influenced Versar’s pipeline, there was obscure ambiguity, while their resources were getting invested apart from their core responsibilities. Additionally, they faced several issues like inconsistent data, which led to disconnect between teams. Ownership change brought into the spotlight the need of hunting for another solution that could simplify the organizations’ government sales cycle and get the pipeline flowing.


An Holistic Approach

Versar weighed in their options and finally decided to choose TechnoMile. A leading cloud application and solutions provider, TechnoMile has created the GovCon suite to deliver a holistic, automated approach to business processes, specifically for government contractors. TechnoMile takes government contractor specific business processes and transforms them into integrated, digital, collaborative solutions that deliver artificial intelligence to grow your business.


“Building these things out, especially with business people at the helm, can be very difficult, and with IT people, it can be just as difficult and really time consuming,” Guglielmo, Versar CIO, said. “With the TechnoMile solution, we were comfortable right away – because we could see that TechnoMile understands how a government sales team works, the proposal and the RFP cycle… and that really helps.”


The GovCon Suite enables government contractors to qualify and win more business by improving industry awareness and data governance. By harnessing the power of a consolidated artificially intelligent cloud solution, government contractors of all sizes and types can utilize the GovCon Suite platform to meet long term and short term business objectives. Depending on the strategic requirements of their business, Versar leveraged the integration capabilities of TechnoMile’s GovCon Suite across multiple teams, reduced the number of users overall, and saved money by moving to a platform license for GovCon instead of the enterprise licenses they opted for with another provider.

We are thankful to  Gabe Guglielmo for helping make the Versar case study possible. To find out more about this intriguing narrative and listen to what else Gabe Guglielmo had to say, access this case study via-



When a customer comes to TechnoMile for a solution, we don’t furnish a generic option. We make it our top priority that it is specific! Our team of experts strive to bring forth only what will prove to be the best fit. TechnoMile provides features with detailed levels of automation, visibility, and capabilities for growing your business throughout the business development and capture process.

We take pride in what we do, because we deliver a holistic industry-specific platform that facilitates highly meaningful business actions and intelligence. We just think it’s helpful when the tool you use is “actually” meant for the task!


Next Steps

After a long pandemic situation, a plunge is being taken towards moving the economy in the direction of normalcy. While various states are going over different phases of re-opening, the GovCon sector is on the move. In such a scenario you need the oversight regarding which new opportunities are operational in the pipeline. TechnoMile’s GovCon Suite will help you gain more in-depth insight into your market opportunities, customers, and competitors all in one integrated solution. In this article, we’ve only peripherally presented what can be made possible by choosing TechnoMile’s insightful GovCon Suite. For more information about how your organization can benefit from our product line, visit at, and you can also request a demo with us via –  or by emailing us at  

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