GSA eBuy Redesign: Efficiently Manage Impact with Real-Time Integration

June 8th, 2020 | By Shalaka Khot, TechnoMile

Recently GSA gave eBuy a new look, leading to several changes, but contractors can easily manage those via TechnoMile’s real-time integration.

GSA eBuy is a procurement tool that allows government buyers and sellers to come together for their federal marketplace experience. While the eBuy site has typically been pretty stable, GSA has recently begun making frequent changes to the site. GSA has now vastly updated the look for the eBuy Contractor Portal. This consequently has left contractors scrambling to try and correct issues with their scrappers, thus ingestion of opportunities. 

The changes that were implemented by GSA for better usability and collaboration went live this past Sunday, May 31st, and are now available for contractors to view once logged into the system.  At first glance, the login screen does not look much different than before, but the major change in the eBuy experience comes after logging in with your GSA MAS Contract number and password. Multiple attributes of the website have gone through immense modifications like the homepage, tracking the RFP/RFQ, and several others.

How Can TechnoMile Help You?

TechnoMile has worked with various customers to develop an ability to receive task orders and automate the process. As part of the TechnoMile product landscape, we have the technology to ingest eBuy opportunities directly into the client CRM solution.  This functionality not only saves our clients time, especially during task order season but also help them when they are trying to stay ahead of the competition, while responding to as many opportunities as they can, in a timely manner.

TechnoMile stays on top of changes in government websites so the chance of missed opportunity information is minimized.  For clients that do this manually, there could be hundreds of hours of high-priced resources burdened with the effort to correct the internal process each time the eBuy webpage changes formats.

Contact Us to Manage Efficiently:

The TechnoMile product line was designed to help government contractors target, qualify, bid, and win more business. We understand the various challenges companies face when doing business with the government. If you wish to save time and efforts by automating your process and easily access the eBuy opportunities, then you need to further explore the capabilities of the TechnoMile product landscape and see how it can help you save time and resources, via automation and integration. To set up a demo-  Contact us or email us at


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