August 20th, 2019 | By TechnoMile

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sally Swan, the former CEO of Carroll Publishing (now General Manager of GovSearch), to discuss TechnoMile’s recent acquisition of the Carroll Publishing assets. Here Sally shares her thoughts and what it means for customers.

Q: Can you tell us about the TechnoMile announcement and what it means for customers?

Sally Swan: TechnoMile recently purchased all of the assets of Carroll Publishing and will operate the assets under a newly formed entity, GovSearch LLC.  For over 45 years, Carroll Publishing has been the industry leader in providing the most complete and accurate contact and bio information for decision and policy makers at all levels of the public sector (Federal, State, Municipal and County). With this announcement, our customers can be confident they will continue to receive the same great products and support they purchased initially.

Being part of TechnoMile will enable us to enhance the GovSearch products and services exponentially and to meet the growing needs of our customers and a modern, mobile community base. Integrating the content into the TechnoMile GovCon Suite will enable users of the platform to more quickly and accurately determine who they should target during their growth and compliance processes.

TechnoMile offers products that enable account managers, sales managers, capture managers, contract managers and others to more efficiently and effectively perform their jobs.  TechnoMile already has a Beta with GovSearch integrated with their product, which predictively and proactively provides account and contact information based on accounts, opportunities or contracts you are focusing on, as well as alerts when individuals that are associated with these entities change.  We believe this will be a game changer for our customers.

Q: What makes GovSearch unique?

Sally Swan: Carroll Publishing provides the most up-to-date, targeted information on who’s who in government for federal, DoD, state, county, and municipal governments, as well as top federal vendors. GovSearch will continue to lead the way with the highest quality, best-in-class content for the industry.

This information is valuable to a wide variety of people wanting to do business with the government including government contractors, marketing and consulting organizations, groups researching grants, and lobbyists wanting to influence policies or the language of bills. In addition to contact and bio information for decision makers and policy makers, there are organizational charts that enable users to learn more about specific government agencies and their structures. All of the information can be used to help organizations maximize their sales and relationships in the government sector.

Unlike other solutions that simply scrape internet sites without qualifying the data, GovSearch is highly qualified, accurate information. Everything that goes into the GovSearch database has been evaluated by a human being. We have a staff of professional editors that scour over 400 news and websites daily and review and verify the information. Unlike other solutions that have contact limits and charge extra when you exceed those limits, GovSearch provides unlimited downloads of contact information.

Q: How is the GovSearch content provided?

Sally Swan: Essentially the GovSearch content is provided in three ways: through the web, via data sets or via an API. Organizations can choose the method that works best for them.  In terms of the three options, the GovSearch website is easy-to-use and updated daily, so people accessing the content online are getting information real-time. In the second option, the GovSearch data sets, data is provided in various file formats for import into the customer’s database. Data sets are updated on a biweekly cadence. This method is good for customers that want to accomplish a deeper level of analytics or distribution than our website or API provides. For organizations that want the flexibility to integrate the content directly into their internal systems—there is a third option, the GovSearch API. This API can be integrated into an existing website, a CRM application or other internal systems. Contact data is updated daily. This API is available in both a reseller or internal-use-only license.

Q: What is next for GovSearch?

Sally Swan: This is an exciting time for us. We have been looking for ways to enhance and add even more valuable content for our customers.  Our new relationship with TechnoMile is really a leap forward and will bring tremendous value to our customers. We are really excited about how TechnoMile is positioning itself to be a major player in this market—and what the future holds for our customers.

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About Sally Swan

Sally Swan is General Manager at GovSearch LLC where she oversees operations, sales and business development. Prior to joining the former Carroll Publishing in technical and management roles she led mid-atlantic sales and service for a global IT services company.


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