Finding the Right Decision-Makers In Government

January 14th, 2021 | By, TechnoMile

After facing an uncertain 2020 everyone, including the government contracting sector is currently welcoming the new year with a hope for success. As the contractors prepare themselves to win new opportunities, they are aware that finding the right government decision-makers in the context of those opportunities is crucial for winning.


2020 went towards countering the Coronavirus. The House passed more than $1.4 Trillion Omnibus Appropriations and $900 billion Coronavirus Relief Package. Now in 2021, the onset of vaccinations might bring some new changes for businesses. Due to the unpredictability, building trustworthy relationships with the influencers and decision-makers in government is essential for contractors.


Every year the government spends billions for accruing products and services from their vendors. To get their piece of the pie, Federal Contracting companies aim to create a solid foundation and gain a competitive edge, by accumulating the essential information for contracting and building good relationships with the right contacts. For example, the Budget of the United States Government for Fiscal Year 2021, shows that the Department of Defense planned to invest over $14 billion in DOD science and technology programs such as artificial intelligence, quantum information science, and biotechnology. While to develop the military’s cyber capabilities requested a budget of nearly $10 billion. This means that the DOD might someday look for those vendors who could provide trustworthy Cybersecurity and Technology services. In such a scenario knowing which opportunities are out, who are the decision-makers, and where in the hierarchy do they fall, is important.

If you don’t know who to reach, then not only can it take a long time to win contracts, but it can also take a significant amount of effort and money. Maintaining a diverse list of contacts can really increase your chances of winning. Several contact data providers are out there, but their products don’t help with insights on who you should be looking for in the government offices. Neither do they go to the lengths of guiding you with making that information actionable.

Find out how our solutions can help you identify the right decision-makers in government by accessing this webinar conducted by TechnoMile’s Account Executive Dylan Cromwell and Customer Success Manager Cole Little. This comprehensive webinar will cover insightful topics that will guide government contractors towards understanding the various ways they can use TechnoMile solution to save time and efforts to win more.


GovSearch Organizational Charts make it easy to know the hierarchy in the various government offices. In addition to that, GovSearch provides 100% humanly verified data, which makes it trustworthy. With GovSearch product you can find contact information for – Federal, State, Municipal and County government. Additionally, GovSearch provides contact information of the Top Federal Vendors. Everything in one place, so you do not need to search around multiple websites for bits of information.

To win federal contracts it’s necessary to first find the perfect opportunities to bid on that can prove to be a great fit for your business offerings. The contact information of GovSearch product in combination with TechnoMile’s Competitive Insights solution, provides information about opportunities, customers, competitors, partners, and much more in the form of intelligence for efficient contracting. Making TechnoMile solution a great asset for Government Contracting success. You can use this information to help identify which contracts to go after, associatively which decision-makers can prove helpful, and how to reach them.


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