Sifting through the data to find the right partner

Finding new teaming partners is a complicated affair. Competitors can transition into partners if skills and past experiences complement contract demands; however, the connection is not always apparent. A common fallacy is that companies eliminate competitors from their partnering list without proper analysis. Teaming partners are traditionally found by utilizing existing relationships, that typically makes companies gravitate towards a narrow group of companies, limiting a company’s ability to form new relationships, make informed decisions, and provide competitive price advantages. Best practices would be to look at all the options and have more than one solution. FedAnalytics enables companies to efficiently find and explore more options and with the help of the GovCon Suite review and track past and existing opportunity partners to find the right partner faster.

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FedAnalytics Transforms Partner Search

As companies build strategic partnerships companies must qualify them based on specific criteria, engage with the potential companies, document their agreement, report on the relationship and collaborate on the project. FedAnalytics decreases the partner search cycle time in the identify and qualify stages by helping companies pre-qualify partners and provide intelligence on how companies attract work and engage with the government.

FedAnalytics enhances the GovCon Suite experience and transforms your CRM tool into a partner relationship management tool. The dashboards display a potential partner’s prime obligations and work performed, allowing you to decide whether prospective companies delivered a relevant skill necessary for your contract and have the past experience necessary. (image a1 — a2) FedAnalytics takes data from multiple sources to ensure your company receives up-to-date information. The sub-awardee data will also improve awareness about your partner’s partners and you can engage with them if appropriate.(image a4) The searchable content makes it effortless to filter prime obligations by year, contract vehicle, work performed, place of performance and buying agency.(image a3)

a3 : Place of Performance
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Choosing Between New or Existing Teaming Partner

FedAnalytics supplies intelligence for finding new partners and understanding current partners’ performance. It answers fundamental questions to determine whether a company should engage a new partner or continue a previous relationship.

The data opens opportunities beyond a company’s existing partner pool. Successful new partnerships identified in FedAnalytics can broaden your range of skills for the contract and may lead to new agency relationships. Your company build relationship with the new agencies in federal government by working alongside teaming partners that agencies are familiar with.

Tracking and reporting on existing partnerships with FedAnalytics can reinforce decisions by visualizing former contract data. Descriptive analytics can show historical data by variety of metrics which enables companies to find most relevant work information, increasing partner credibility for specific opportunities.

The Solution

There are hundreds of methods to discover potential partners, but FedAnalytics is a standardized technique for fairly evaluating new and current partners. Companies can improve their teaming partner relationships and foster new relationships by integrating FedAnalytics into their business processes and opportunity management pipeline saving time and increasing their overall win percentage. To learn more, contact a TechnoMile FedAnalytics representative at info@352.730.myftpupload.com

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