December 10th, 2019 | By TechnoMile

Everyone involved in sales knows the importance of effective call planning for winning new business. No matter what sales methodology you are using (i.e. Shipley, Miller Heiman, or other)—everyone involved in sales and business development—has one burning question when it comes to calling planning:  “Who Do I Call?”

Even the most experienced sales and business development teams grapple with this question.

When you are selling to the government, quickly finding complete and accurate data about the decision-makers and policymakers you need to reach any level of the public sector can be particularly time-consuming and challenging. Especially if you are dealing with hundreds—or even thousands—of accounts, opportunities, and contracts.  In a rapidly changing market, information can quickly become outdated—meaning you and your teams could be wasting precious time working with bad data.

Enter GovSearch, “The Authority on Who’s Who in Government”

For over 45 years GovSearch (formerly Carroll Publishing) has been providing the most accurate and up-to-date contact information for decision-makers and policymakers at all levels of government (Federal, State, Municipal, and County). As the industry-leading authority on “Who’s Who in Government”, people doing business with the government have been relying on GovSearch as the trusted source for the most complete and accurate government information. Unlike other solutions that simply scrape websites, GovSearch has teams of experts focused on providing the most accurate and up-to-date contact information.



How does TechnoMile GovCon Suite use GovSearch Contacts?

TechnoMile GovCon Suite is now integrated with GovSearch.  Using predictive algorithms, GovCon Suite is able to proactively recommend the contacts users should be targeting based on the opportunities, accounts, and contracts they are pursuing. Information is updated daily to ensure users are always working with the highest quality information. With instant access to the right contacts, GovCon Suite users can now identify, qualify, and win new business faster.

GovSearch – More than Just Contact Information

GovSearch is a rich intelligence database that enables users to easily search for government information organized around five topic areas: Persons, Offices, Spending, Vendors, and MyGov. By linking multiple sources of data, GovSearch is able to present information in ways that are available in no other single place. Following are a few highlights on each topic area, click on each to learn more.

Persons: Contacts are shown for over 269,000 individuals at the Federal, State, Municipal, and County levels of government. Content covers 50 states, 8,662 cities, towns, and unincorporated units over 5,000 population. 3,109 counties are covered.

Offices: Offices are searchable in multiple ways and can display personnel within each office. Organization charts for over 900 Federal department, agency and vendor units can be displayed or downloaded. A special feature called “Where Is I?” shows you how an office or person fits within the government or corporate hierarchy.

Spending: Federal contracts can be searched by fiscal year, category, funding office, place of performance, NAICS codes, keyword, or vendor. Searches can be narrowed to include small business, woman or veteran-owned, and more.  State & Local expenditures are also available based on the U.S. Census of Governments.

Vendors: See Federal contracts awarded to the top vendors with annual dollar volumes, contracts, transactions, and other searchable data for both parent and appropriate subsidiaries. Vendors, ranked by dollar volume, show senior contacts for the top 1004 suppliers of Federal products and services. Nearly 7,000 individuals and 1,400 offices are presented within more than 200 semi-annual pre-published traditional tree-shaped organization charts.

MyGov: A special feature entitled MyGov allows users to target their priorities. Searches of any kind may be saved and re-searched at a later time and in an identical sequence. Included are searches for persons, offices, spending, and vendors.

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The integration between GovCon Suite and GovSearch is a gamechanger for those pursuing government business. It enables everyone involved in business development and capture management—account teams, business development teams, sales teams, capture management teams, and contract management teams—to perform their jobs faster, more efficiently, and more effectively.

To request a demo or to discuss your particular situation in more detail contact us at info@govsearch.com or info@technomile.com.


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